It may feel like the year just started but the truth is that the astrological year is just winding down. 

If you’re familiar with astrology then you know that the beginning of the astrological year actually falls on March 20th – also known as the beginning of Aries season. This new year signals a restart, refresh and an opportunity to refocus for us all. 

If you’re excited for what’s to come – here’s some things that you should keep in mind, according to your horoscope sign. 


Aries season will be your time to shine and quite frankly, no one turns up the heat better than you! In your birthday season, you’ll be eager to embark on new endeavors and learn new things. But most importantly, you’ll find this to be your season of collaboration. Welcome new friends, Aries. You’ll be surprised at what a lending hand they can bring. 


A new year signals time to refocus and refresh and that’s definitely where your energy will be going. Use this time to take stock of your life, and look for areas where you feel improvement is needed. Remember to not only focus on your external relationships and endeavors – prioritize the relationship that you have with yourself, and look for ways that it can even be improved. We promise it will be worth it. 


You’re always doing something creative and your efforts always prove to be worth it, Gemini. Use this time to now focus on how you can give back to others. You’ll be surprised at how those efforts can also come back around. 


You’ve been playing it safe and doubting yourself, Cancer. And this is your season of change. Step into your power and take things to the next level. Is there anything you’ve been putting off that you’d really like to see in your future? Make it happen, Cancer. You can do it!


You’ve been very quiet lately, Leo. But we believe this new year will definitely draw you back into the spotlight. What have you been thinking of lately? What are you itching to do next? Pay attention to your thoughts and desires. They’ll always lead the way. 


Virgo! You’re usually the one who can go it alone, but why don’t you open yourself to some new connections in the coming months? You never know, you may meet someone who romantically sweeps you off your feet or at least proves that not everything has to be done by your lonesome. Open up, Virgo!


Libra, you’re one of the queens of self care. And this new season is asking you to lean more into that. Take this time to consider any new activities that may enhance your peace and wellness. Want to get into meditation? Or do more reading? Now’s the time. 


This past year has definitely been a whirlwind for you, Scorpio. Now’s the time to take a deep breath, sit back and relax. You’ve been doing a lot for others and may seem to have forgotten about yourself. Take this downtime to nurture your spirit and figure out what it is that you need. 


You’re quite the busy body, Sagittarius. And we don’t see you slowing down anytime soon. Now’s the time to tap into a new hobby and bring more of your creative visions to life. You know you’re good for it!


You keep so much to yourself, Capricorn. Let this be your age of expression. The only person who suffers when you keep your feelings to yourself is you. End your suffering, Capricorn. The outcome may not be as bad as you think. 


You had a tough birthday season, Aquarius. That time forced you to begin addressing some truths that you’ve been pushing to the back, but you definitely took the time to do the hard work. Now that you’ve had an honest moment with yourself, don’t forget about the truths that you’ve uncovered and what you need to do next. You’ve got this, Aquarius!


Happy Birthday, Pisces! This last year has been full of introspection and growth for you. Remember the lessons that you’ve uncovered about yourself, and the areas where you’ve improved. We can’t wait to see where you take things next!