Multi-faceted singer, songwriter, and three-time Golden Globe nominee Mary J. Blige has joined forces with the skincare brand Gold Bond for the #ChampionYourSkin campaign. In her latest partnership, she celebrates those who put their skin to the test to break down barriers for themselves and others, such as Black stuntwomen in television and film. 

In a recently held virtual panel event to further discuss the initiative, the New York native discussed diversity in the entertainment industry, the power of self-care, and how she continues to define her personal and professional legacy.

As she dropped gems, we were present, taking notes. When asked how she has been the hero (shero) of her own story throughout her personal life and career trajectory, the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul and R&B said, "I've been the shero of my own story by taking responsibility for my life. The things that I can't do anything about, the people that I can't do anything about, I'm no longer trying to control. I'm just trying to take care of Mary and be responsible for me." 

Her viewpoint explains it all why sis is unapologetically growing and glowing in every way! Since her arrival on the scene, we can't deny that Mary has always spoken openly and candidly about her personal fulfillment, evolution as an artist, and most importantly, as a woman. This is one of the many reasons, so many Black women have resonated with her authenticity for decades. 

If we've learned anything about self-love, just as our girl Mary mentioned, it truly starts from within. And if you're like me, determined to look half as good as Mary does at 50-years-old, she shared with us her definition of self-care and how she practices it daily. "The best self-care is water and rest, and of course, moisturizing your skin. I take great care of my skin as well as my body from the inside out. Good, creamy moisturizers in the shower are key, and I don't play games when it comes to taking my makeup off immediately after a long day on set," she said. 

For skincare tips and to learn more about the #ChampionYourSkin campaign, be sure to visit Gold Bond's website.