The faux freckles trend has brought to light that what may have been considered an ‘imperfection’ to some in the past, is now beautiful and trendy even. Comedian and actress, Maya Rudolph, has learned to love her “constellation” of freckles. In a recent interview with In Style, Maya spoke about what it was like to grow up with freckles – “I remember my mom having cute little moles but nothing like mine,” she said, “growing up, with freckles made me think, ‘Oh my god, what’s wrong with me?"

For years, Maya was asked to cover her freckles making the faux freckle trend shocking to her 8-year-old self. She recalls looking at airbrushed photos of herself and wondering why she looked so different. Now Maya is able to walk the carpets wearing sheer and more natural coverage that won’t cover up her beauty marks and freckles. 

The perspective of beauty has changed over the years and there is definitely more acceptance of individuality as forms of beauty. The way beauty and the definition of beauty has evolved has definitely given all of us more people to relate to. “My only option growing up was Lisa Bonet. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t have had a more beautiful option, but she was the only person where I could say, “Wow! She’s mixed like me. I want to look like her,” said Maya to In Style


While working, Maya ensures that all of her products are non-toxic, so she opts for Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation which serves as a base to smooth skin while providing coverage that doesn’t mask her beauty marks. When Maya isn’t working ,however, she focuses more on moisturizing her skin with Vinter’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum.

If you can’t get enough of the beautiful and talented Maya Rudolph, be sure to look out for her in the film Life Of The Party coming out in May.