Summit21 took place earlier this month in Atlanta, Georgia. It was two full days of 1,200 stunning women attending the event, so it’s needless to say that it was a summit to remember. The summit’s set up was attendee-friendly, featuring separate floors for vendors to connect with attendees and where speakers could bless us with their knowledge. 

There were several topics covered including money, beauty and impact with inspirational and knowledgeable speakers such as Ashley Blaine Featherson from Dear White People, the founder of Bossbabe Inc. Alex Wolf, singer/songwriter Sevyn Streeter, the co-founder and editor-in-chief of CRWN Magazine Lindsey Day and creator, producer and YouTube star Maya Washington. 

Maya Washington took the Summit21 stage to show women how to shamelessly turn their homes into studios to create some major magic. Washington graciously started her presentation by asking the women in the crowd what they’d like to discuss, to which she received requests about self-made editorial shoots and using household items to create an at-home studio. 

Here’s what you need to create your at-home studio, according to Maya Washington:


Washington suggested starting with whatever you have, whether it be a point-and-shoot or an iPhone, which can also be helpful to use in public places seeing as they’re not intimidating and they’re also non-assuming. She also recommended Sony and, although she uses a Canon 5D, she really loves Sony cameras. 


Washington mentioned her love for natural lighting, "It’s free, I love it! It’s so flattering." However, Washington was honest about the cons of natural lighting and the way it shifts throughout the day. She also loves LED lighting and fluorescent lighting for shooting indoors for more steady and consistent lighting. 


"You may get away with great lighting and everything is beautiful, but if your sound is off, you may have tuned out all these viewers and listeners. Sound is so key," said Washington. Washington’s current process is to record her video, edit the footage and once it’s all done, she records the audio for it. Washington uses her iPhone for audio as well as her Zoom H5 recorder. 

Editing Apps:

When it comes to editing, Washington is a fan of VSCO, Snapsneed and Actions. She also recommends having references for video and photo edits that you love. If you can find someone to help out with editing, those examples are great to ensure you get the final product you are looking for. 

You can keep up with Maya Washington and check out more of her tips on her YouTube channel and on Instagram.

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