Happy Inauguration Day! Today, we witnessed history during the historic inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. We also witnessed our forever FLOTUS Michelle Obama, set social media abuzz with her effortless style by black designer Sergio Hudson and hair slayed by stylist Yene Damtew. Can we say showstopper! 

As soon as Mrs. Obama graced our television screens, her bouncy waves and flowing tresses immediately became a trending topic, with praises, admiration, and everyone wondering, "Who laid Mrs. Obama's hair, and how can we make an appointment?" Well, the woman behind the former First Lady's flawlessness is Orange County native Yene Damtew of the Arlington, VA-based Aesthetics salon

She first began working as an assistant alongside former HOTUS (Hairstylist of the United States), Johnny Wright on Michelle Obama's hair team during President Barack Obama's presidency. She worked her way to being Mrs. O's main stylist, a name she affectionately and often refers to the former FLOTUS throughout her Twitter feed. 

In a recent interview with the Coveteur, Damtew said, "The trajectory of my career, its development, and the role started with the confidence being in me. There wasn't the validation of her [Michelle Obama] directly saying 'You're worthy, and you're good,' but what she stands for. The more and more I'm around people who spread positivity and encourage people who look like me, it makes you feel stronger and empowered."

She also let it be known that she is from California, home of the Cali press. And there is no denying once Michelle Obama graced us with her presence today that hair was pressed, laid, and slayed for all to see! When Black Twitter has #HairByYeneDamtew, and the word #LAID trending, you already know that you did the damn thing! 

A boss woman entrepreneur and one to continue to watch! For those interested in mentorship from Yene herself, she assured her social media followers the wait is almost over! "Thank you for the kind words about Mrs. O's hair today. I am SO grateful! Many of you are also asking when my business coaching for hairstylists is starting back up. ⁠⁣It's opening soon! Sign up here to learn more."