Baby showers aren’t just any old party. They are momentous occasions employed to welcome your little one into the world. Your baby will hear stories about the party centered around them for years to come. So you should go all out to celebrate and make it an event to remember.

There’s the gifts, the music (who doesn’t love a good playlist?), the food, the beautiful (and sometimes, corny) speeches, and, of course, the games! One of the best parts of the celebration is the hilarious baby shower games that get the whole group engaged, interacting and laughing. 

If you’re pregnant and baby shower planning is in your future, check out these nine memorable baby shower games that will get the party started. 

Guess the Baby-Bump Size

Mom-to-be is well on her and her bump is growing every day. A quick but hilarious game, give each of your game participants measuring tape and have them each guess (in inches) how big the baby bump is. Whoever is closest will receive a prize! 

Baby Charades 

This baby-themed charades game is certain to be a crowd pleaser. Break your participants up into teams and hand them a list of words to act out and guess. The catch is the words are all baby-themed. Think: baby back ribs, crying baby, baby stroller, baby blue, rock-a-bye baby, baby toe and swaddling the baby. Each team will have the same amount of time to act out their list of words. Whoever gets the most wins!

Guess the Price

Give your guests a shopping list for must-have items for moms. Everything from diapers to bottles, to changing tables, to bibs. Now have your guests jot down their best guesses for prices of the items. Inflation is no joke! Your guests might be surprised at how expensive baby items are nowadays. 

Bobbing for Pacifiers

Line large bowls of water in a row (you should have one bowl per player). Fill each bowl up with water and toss in an equal amount of pacifiers. You can anywhere from eight to 12. Have your contestants stand in front of their respective bowls with their hands crossed behind their backs. Blow a whistle, and whoever gets all of their pacifiers first, wins!

Guess the Sweet Mess

This baby shower game will be hilarious as your guests sniff diapers and try to guess what is on them. Don’t worry though. It’s not poop!

What you’ll do is you’ll take a handful of diapers and number them. On each diaper, you’ll rub melted chocolates (like Nestle Crunch, Babe Ruth, Rolos and Snickers) or anything that has a brown color (like raisins, cinnamon or hazelnuts). Be sure to write down which number correlates to which food. Whoever guesses the most number of diapers correctly wins.

Who Knows the Momma-to-Be Best

Type up a list of questions about the mom-to-be, as well as about her childhood and her pregnancy journey. Hand them out to your guests and start the timer. Whoever gets the most questions correct is the winner.

Baby Bump Balloon Pop

Divide your guests into teams with an equal number of players. Each team will line up, side-by-side, and every player will have a balloon in hand. When you say go, the first player in the line will blow up their balloon and place it under their shirt. One-by-one each player down the line will do the same thing.

Once all the players have inflated balloons under their shirts, the first player will pop their balloon, then the second, then the third, and so on. Whichever team inflates and pops their balloons first wins!

Childhood Memories

Type up a list of fun and interesting facts about the childhood of the mom-to-be and her partner. Each participant will receive a copy of the list and have to guess which fun fact applies to whom. Whoever finishes first and has the most correct answers wins!

Don’t Say Baby!

Each guest will receive a clothespin or button when they arrive. Whenever a guest talks with someone and they say “baby” throughout the duration of the party, they take their pin. At the end of the baby shower, whoever has collected the most pins (aka caught people saying the word baby) wins.