If blessed enough to experience one in your lifetime, your big day should go exactly the way you want or as close to it as possible. Television sitcoms and films have taught us, over the years, that the grander the wedding, the more successful it was (in pleasing family members and communicating wealth). However, if that isn’t the main objective of your wedding, and you’d like to pay a bit more attention to the details, a micro wedding may be your preferred celebration alternative.

Smaller than a small wedding, a micro wedding boasts less than 50 guests giving the bride and groom more capacity (and funds) to make the experience their own. If this sounds like your dream, here’s a bit more about why micro weddings could be the best big day alternative for you. 

What Is A Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding has the spirit of an elopement with a bit more planning involved. Often conducted within six to eight months of getting engaged, this wedding style places a bit more importance on the union than the guest list. Micro weddings still feature many of the traditions that a small or large wedding would. And because this happens on a smaller scale the attention-to-detail can be greater. This can be achieved with the help of family and friends or the same number of vendors that would be required of a larger scale wedding. Whether you decide to call on loved ones to help your micro wedding dream come true or trusted professionals, planning your micro wedding can benefit from some research and deep thought. Continue reading for how to get started! 

What To Consider When Planning Micro Weddings 

Regardless of your guest list size, weddings are best executed with a budget in mind. And no matter how big or small that is, being mindful of it can help to reduce stress while helping to get the things you want. Micro weddings are known to be scaled down in attendance, but some married couples-to-be see that as an opportunity to spend more money rather than less. The open bar that was going to be a part of the experience whether macro or micro could feature themed drinks or signature cocktails framed around the bride and groom’s tastes. The venue that you’ve always wanted that requires a certain number of guests could still be the location, but in a different room, on a  different day or just in a more intimate way.

And the few children that you would like to be a part of the experience can definitely be included in the micro wedding versus compromising due to meeting/surpassing headcount. Although to really keep the party going, consider saving a good chunk of the budget (or blowing it altogether) for the honeymoon. 

How To Plan A Micro Wedding

Now that you’ve figured out your guest count, budget, where and how you’d like to spend your money, here are the next steps of planning your micro wedding. Let’s start with setting the date. Think about the dates most special to you and your bride or groom: when you met, your anniversary (or the day you got back together). Once your date is set, see if it’s available at your venue. This may be indoor or outdoor which may or may not require reservation in the first place.

If at the beach or a nearby park, you’ll just need time, space and the officiant. However, if it’s along the more traditional lines of being indoor, make sure to seal that day off with the location hosts. With a smaller guest count, the sky’s the limit. Think museum or art or the courtyard of your favorite restaurant.

Carry these themes into the website that you’ll build for memories and event information. Once that’s set, send out your invitations and mark the date for your save-the-dates. Include some sweet photos that you snap at home or hire a photographer for an hour and get your perfect snapshots. All of these and more are ways to make your micro wedding the best big day ever. Spend and plan how you want with solely yourself and your partner in mind. We wish you both the loveliest microwedding!