Miss Eaves, a Brooklyn-based rapper, is known for the body positivity and feminist messages in her music, and we applaud her for it. Recently, she dropped a visual for her song "Bush for the Push" which is encouraging women to see their pubic hair a little differently. 

The video is vibrant and features muted neon colors with women of all ages, ethnicities and body types dancing around beauty/waxing. The women are wearing creative outfits with panties that have bushes on them made of flowers, felt and pompoms. Miss Eaves’ lyrics narrate her experience as she goes to "clean up a bit off the sides."

The chorus asks questions we may have asked ourselves more times than not, such as "What should I do with my hair down there? Trim, wax, shave or even use Nair? Maybe rock a bush all natural" and finishes with, "Who cares? Just dance, let it go!"

This isn’t Miss Eaves first body positive song — she also released "Thunder Thighs" where she talks about the ever relatable "chub rub" and wearing high waisted shorts to cover up her gut. 

The single, "Bush for the Push," was released off of Miss Eaves’ latest EP, ME AF, which is set to debut on August 3rd. Considering the message on her single — ensuring that you do whatever you want with your hair down there — we definitely can’t wait to hear what else is in store. 

Be sure to check out the full video below and stay on the lookout for Miss Eaves’ EP:

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