By now we all realize that there's more than one definition of beauty, right? Beauty isn't retouched photos on a magazine, a specific pant size or even drawers full of makeup (although there's nothing wrong with wearing makeup or playing with filters on your pictures if that's what makes you happy). Beyond what social media or magazines tell us, beauty is a vastly deep thing that encompasses everyone and everything in some way. And amplifying other kinds of beauty is something that we should embrace even more. So we love Missguided's body-positive social media campaign, #MakeYourMark.

The women's clothing retailer is making it a goal to embrace things like stretch marks or cellulite that society classifies as flaws — even though they're common, natural things that happen to our bodies.

The brand is promising not to touch up images of their models, showing the beauty and realness of all body types through their models.

Missguided carries trendy pieces for many body types, being sure to offer up-to-date styles in plus sizes (up to a US 20) as well.

Women don't have to comply with unrealistic beauty standards because society tells us to. We can uplift each other through the sisterhood of campaigns like this one, which is an extension of their #KeepOnBeingYou campaign, which launched in November.

This campaign makes a difference. Customer feedback has already been positive, showing they're closer to their goal of making readers feel confident in who they are so they can do anything they want and be whomever they wish to be.

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to #MakeYourMark!