Mariee Revere’s entrepreneurial success came when she made over $1 million in eight minutes with her skincare line.

The 24-year-old business owner founded Moon X Cosmetics in 2020. Her skincare line includes a collection of vegan-based oils, moisturizers, cleansers and other face products. Each item treats common skin conditions, such as hyperpigmentation, acne, inflammation and more. The CEO was only 20 when she shared her financial milestone on X, formerly Twitter. She has since grown her business and platform with a social following of more than 100K supporters.

Four years later, Revere is embarking on a new journey with Moon X Cosmetics. The beauty founder expanded her skincare line to target other parts of the body. In April, she launched a new collection of body washes called Moon-Gels. As a lover of all things beauty, entering the realms of body care was a natural next step for Revere and her brand. Moon-Gels is a foaming body cleanser line that hydrates and nourishes the skin. The body washes come in seven scents: peach, pineapple, mango, coconut, cherry, watermelon and strawberry.

Revere shared with 21Ninety about her latest venture into body care, achieving success at a young age with her skincare line and her early interests in beauty.

Photo credit: Derrian “Phreshy” Perry

21NINETY: Where did your interests in skincare stem from and how those interests led you to starting your own business?

MARIEE REVERE:  My love affair with skincare traces back to my roots in South Korea, where beauty and skincare are practically embedded in the culture. But, it was when I struggled with acne and dark marks during my teenage years that things really kicked into gear. I couldn’t find what I needed on the market, so I created it myself. That’s how The Rose Galore was born. From there, Moon X Cosmetics took flight. It’s been quite the journey, from dealing with my own skin issues to crafting products that help others feel confident in their skin.

21N: What made you decide to expand your beauty empire after achieving success at an early age? 

MR: Settling has never been my style. I’m all about growth and exploration. Hitting a home run with our first product felt amazing, but I’ve always had this hunger for more. I believe in constantly challenging myself and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Expanding our product line and refining our brand was a no-brainer. It’s about evolving, staying ahead of the curve, and, most importantly, offering our customers something fresh and exciting.

21N: Tell us more about Moon-Gels and how they stand out from other body washes in the market?

MR:  Imagine a body wash that cleanses and pampers your skin, leaving it feeling nourished and rejuvenated. That’s what Moon-Gels are all about. We’ve poured our hearts into crafting these formulations, blending cutting-edge technology with natural ingredients inspired by Korean skincare secrets. Whether you’re looking to hydrate, exfoliate, or simply indulge in self-care, there’s a Moon-Gel just for you.

21N: When deciding what ingredients to include in your formula, what skincare issues did you consider for your body wash to address as customers use the product?

MR:  We take skincare issues seriously. When formulating our body washes, we had one goal: address the diverse range of concerns our customers face. From dryness, sensitivity, dullness and beyond, we wanted to create products that cleanse, nourish and support healthy skin. That’s why we’ve handpicked natural ingredients known for their effectiveness and gentle touch, ensuring that every wash is a treat for your skin.

21N: Why has it been important for your brand to remain at a fair price point for consumers regardless of the extra expenses that come from including natural ingredients in your formula?

MR: Our body washes are like a botanical treasure trove! Our formulas contain everything from soothing botanical extracts to invigorating essential oils. Sourcing these natural ingredients can be pricey, but skincare should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we work tirelessly to keep our prices fair and affordable without compromising quality. Everyone deserves to experience the magic of Moon X Cosmetics, no matter their budget.

21N: What do you believe makes your products so successful, and what does success look like for you with Moon-Gels and your brand?

MR: For us, it’s not just about sales numbers or market share; it’s about making a real difference in people’s lives. That’s what sets our products apart — the ability to inspire confidence and empower our customers to embrace their natural beauty. Success is knowing that we’ve made someone’s day a little brighter. We aim to redefine the body care experience with Moon-Gels and spread a little skincare joy wherever we go.

This article has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.