On the latest episode of “The Journey with Morgan DeBaun,” Blavity’s founder and CEO and her partner Josh Shaw sit down for a couple’s Q&A. The two share all things relationship, from how they met to dating a high-value woman.

‘I Hated Talking About Work’

The couple is expecting their first child together in November. DeBaun announced they wrapped their maternity shoot before recording the podcast episode. Before becoming expectant parents, the two entrepreneurs met through a mutual friend in Nashville, Tennessee. After a night on the town with friends, DeBaun and Shaw quickly realized they had many common interests. Shaw did admit, he didn’t know who DeBaun was and was unaware of Blavity before their meeting.

Their romance started with Shaw taking the initiative. While Shaw was dropping DeBaun off, he asked her if she would like to hang out.

“‘Hey, what are you doing on Wednesday?’ You were like ‘nothing.’ ‘Well, if you’re not doing anything, let’s go out and actually get a drink or some food’ since I really didn’t have a chance to talk to you about anything,” Shaw said.

After enjoying each others friendship, their relationship eventually blossomed into what it is today.

Shaw notes that being able to build an organic friendship before romantically dating has been an advantage for them. He says he loved that DeBaun didn’t make any part of their interactions about her work. She says that’s because she hated talking about it.

“The mental load that I felt with you in my life was negative zero. I was aiming for ‘I want to be in a relationship and be with a person where I don’t even have to think about it.’ But being with you is even better than ‘I don’t have to think about it.’ Not only do I have to not think about it, then you’re also going to do a bunch of other things I never even considered thinking about,” DeBaun said.

Credit: @morgandebaun/YouTube

Complimenting Each Other’s Ambitions

The couple revealed that they have opted for a more traditional gender role dynamic within their relationship.

“You are an alpha, and I am absolutely an alpha at work, but you’re actually more of an alpha at home than I am because I don’t want to be,” DeBaun said.

Shaw calls himself DeBaun’s “biggest cheerleader.” The couple agrees that mutual support is one of the tenants of their relationship.

“That’s what I think it is about. Who said it has to be the opposite way around? We are both doing our own thing and both extremely successful in our own lanes, but we’re both like cheerleading each other,” Shaw said.

Dating A High-Value Woman

During the podcast episode, DeBaun asks Shaw the million-dollar question – “What it’s like dating a high-valued woman?” Shaw responded with some advice.

“Just leave your ego at the door. I think a lot of times, even on both sides, ego can play a huge factor in how you process things. It’s kinda like you can create scenarios in your head that are not even there,” Shaw said.

Shaw harps on working together so you can both help each other achieve more.

“Walk with a level of confidence because you’re already designed for greatness. Embrace what you already bring to the table [and] go for it,” he added.