In the latest episode of The Journey Podcast, Morgan DeBaun dives deep into the pressing issue of reproductive rights with Alexis McGill Johnson. Johnson is the President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Planned Parenthood Action Fund. With a crucial election on the horizon, this conversation couldn’t be more timely or significant.

The Fight for Equality and Justice

Opening the episode, McGill Johnson doesn’t hold back. She speaks to the heart of the matter.

“They’re also telling us we don’t think that you know how to make these decisions for yourselves, right? We don’t trust you to do that, which means we don’t think that you’re actually equal,” she declared.

These words set the tone for a discussion about the ongoing struggle for women’s autonomy and equality in the face of increasing governmental restrictions.

Throughout their conversation, DeBaun and McGill Johnson explore how the issue of women’s rights is not just a health issue but a broader social and political crisis. From the structure and mission of Planned Parenthood to the real-world impact of restrictive laws on patients and doctors, the conversation paints a picture of the current landscape. McGill Johnson pointed out the importance of knowing the consequences of stripping rights away from women.

“We have seen now the devastation on patients who are traveling thousands of miles to get access to care or being stuck in state being forced into pregnancy,” she said.

Social Responsibility

The two also dive into the unique challenges that small businesses face in this climate. They discuss how business owners can navigate corporate responsibility in reproductive rights and the impact of state laws on their employees. McGill Johnson shares practical advice for leaders trying to align their corporate values with social impact. A skill, without a doubt, that is needed in today’s increasingly complex polarized environment.

The episode isn’t just about the challenges. It’s also about action and empowerment. DeBaun and McGill Johnson talk strategy for building a movement, leveraging moments for change, and engaging allies.

“Infusing all of those into conversations, particularly with young people in this moment, they get it,” McGill Johnson said, emphasizing the importance of mobilizing the next generation.

Tune in to hear more about how you can support Planned Parenthood and join the fight for reproductive freedom. Listen to the latest episode of The Journey Podcast with Morgan DeBaun and Alexis McGill Johnson, and be part of the conversation that matters.