There are more products in my bathroom than I'm proud to admit. The key to not being buried alive by the sheer number of shampoo bottles under my sink is bathroom organization. Although there are infinite ways to organize your toiletries, here are a few of my favorites: 

Try adding magnetic strips to the inside of your medicine cabinet


This is a great way to keep all your bobby pins in one place, and to avoid losing your tweezers in the depths of your makeup bag (as I have done several times). All you need is a roll of self-adhesive magnetic strips. If you don’t like the black of the magnetic strip, try putting a layer of self-adhesive drawer protector on top! Click here for the tutorial. 

Silverware organizers are no longer just for the kitchen


Use an empty silverware organizer to keep your family’s toothbrushes and toothpaste organized. This can also be used for makeup, skincare products or anything you want to keep handy by the sink but not in plain view. 

Use mason jars to organize q-tips, cotton pads and cotton balls


This is a super cute and easy way to organize the little things that lay around your bathroom! Because you’re painting the mason jars, this is also super customizable. I’ve used this trick to organize my q-tips, cotton pads and makeup brushes. Click here for the tutorial. 

Use Command Hooks to hang your hot tools 

Photo: Cosmopolitan 

This is a personal favorite of mine, and saves so much space! It’s also a great way to keep your cords from getting tangled. If you use hot tools to style your hair often, consider this tip.

Use spice racks to organize products that would otherwise clutter your sink

Photo: MakeSpace

This is such an easy way to create space on top of and underneath of your sink. Try attaching spice racks to your bathroom wall to organize your skin and haircare products and toiletries!