From press ons to out of the box designs, we’re only getting more and more innovative with the way we express ourselves using our nails. It’s an investment not only in self care, but in the way we silently introduce ourselves to any room we walk in; a sneak peek into who we are.

As of late, nail designs with diamonds are ranking pretty high in popularity, and it’s not hard to understand why. It’s hard not to feel like royalty when you’ve got diamond gems on your nail beds, and with more and more celebrities donning them, diamond nail designs are slowly becoming a must have.

It can be an intimidating leap to start experimenting with your nails, especially if you’re used to something more simple, but there’s a baddie waiting for you on the other side, sis. After all, keeping a fresh set is a key component to your glow up. Whether you’re going for chic and elegant, or baroque and over the top, here’s some inspiration to get the wheels turning and have you looking your absolute flyest after your next nail appointment.

Color Those Claws

@ceesclaws / Instagram

Who says you can’t add a little color to your gems? A look like this is a lot of fun in a simple way; a clean design that’s also expressive and unique! The gold accents pair beautifully with any gold plated jewelry. 

The Butterfly Effect

@nailsbyzairaa / Instagram

The flowers and butterflies combo is too stunning to deny. Though a design like this is certainly taxing on the nail bed, with proper care and maintenance, you can protect the health of your cuticles while rocking this look.

Keep It Cute

@hairnailsbykam / Instagram

Not all nail designs with diamonds have to be long and over the top! Keep it short and simple, letting the diamonds be a simple accentuation, like this pink French manicure inspo.  

Go Edgy

@theebeautylab / Instagram

Into a more alternative look? Consider using black diamonds as your accessory of choice instead. It’s edgy glam, and when paired with a design like these flames, this nail look will serve as the perfect statement piece. 

Full Glam

@nailsxlizeth / Instagram

If you ever wanted to somehow emulate Cinderella’s glass slipper in your nail look, this is the inspo to pull from. There’s nothing quite as glamorous as the baby pink undertones matching with the iridescent diamond gems, a signature look you’ll never want to take off.

Very Barbie Coded

@nailsbycurls / Instagram

The color pink is making a huge comeback, and when you pair it alongside any nail designs with diamonds, it truly couldn’t get any more glam. If you decide to rock a look like this, it’s crucial you wave “Hi Barbie!” to every passerby during your hot girl walk. 

Gothic Chic

@orchidnailsandspa / Instagram

If you consider yourself to be more into goth than glam, and feel much more alive during the spooky season rather than the sunny summertime, this could be the diamond nail design inspo for you.

Shining Like A Superstar

@nailsunnytbilisi / Instagram

It’d be hard not to feel famous with a simple yet elegant diamond nail design like this one. With the oval shaping and chrome stars, you’ll serve classy while still keeping it youthful and playful.

Glamorous in Lavender

@nailitandspa_vista_location / Instagram

Just because you’re working with gems doesn’t mean you have to forfeit on a bold color. This periwinkle purple is still the star of the show, and the diamonds only level up this extra long, square-shaped look.

Have Fun With It!

When it comes to nail designs with diamonds, there’s never a wrong or right way to do it, as long as you’re having fun and maybe even taking an unexpected fashion risk. Even if you’re usually a monochrome gel coat girlie, dare to be daring and use this inspo guide to make your next nail look the most fabulous one yet.