Nara Smith, who rose to fame after launching her TikTok account, remains a subject of fascination for numerous reasons.

The 22-year-old South African-German model first captured attention when she appeared alongside her husband, Lucky Blue-Smith, at 18 years old. Since then, people have been captivated by various aspects of her life. Notably, her commitment to showcasing every meal prepared from scratch on TikTok has garnered widespread interest. Whether it’s baking bread, crafting peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or making pop-tarts, Smith adds a touch of sophistication to the simplest dishes.

However, the thing that perplexes many is her recurring pregnancies and apparent avoidance of maternity wear. After giving birth to her third child, Whimsy Lou, Smith continued to grace TikTok with her presence in sophisticated attire, even while cooking. This departure from traditional maternity wear, opting instead for formal, conservative and glamorous outfits, may seem unconventional, but reflects a growing trend among younger mothers gaining visibility, particularly within Gen Z.

What is Nara Smith’s Style?

Smith epitomizes chic. Whether it’s furs, pearls, feathers or lace, she isn’t afraid to blend vintage and modern trends. Her looks are not only opulent and extravagant in every sense, but also abundant, as she undergoes multiple outfit changes a day. One of her main style inspirations draws from old Hollywood glamour, featuring more conservative necklines, velvet and textured pieces, and simple silhouettes with ample accessorizing. Check out these fashion picks to channel your inner Nara Smith.

Best Ruffled Dress

Show Me Your Mumu Samantha Ruffle Wrap Dress

Photo Courtesy of Show Me Your Mumu

You’re likely to spot Smith in the morning, whipping up homemade fruit snacks for her kids, in a ruffled dress like this one. Dressing up can be enjoyable, especially if you lean towards a more feminine wardrobe with ruffles, linen and textured fabrics. This style is perfect for pregnant individuals because it’s adjustable.

Best Shapeless Dress

Universal Standard Louvre Bow Back Linen Dress

Photo Courtesy of Universal Standard

This dress, while not excessively over-the-top, suits Smith perfectly, as it acts as a blank canvas for her extravagant accessories. It’s suitable for any trimester and provides ample space, while still allowing for some detailing on the back.

Best Bow Dress

Yuemengxuan Women Bow Tie Mini Dress

For someone who adores bows, frills, and feathers like Smith, the coquette style is worth exploring. You can never have too many bows, even when they’re adorned all over your dress. This peplum-styled dress follows a structure and silhouette that Smith frequently wears, as it flatters every body type.

Best Evening Gown

J.Crew Gwyneth Slip Dress In Gold Lamé

As fabulous as women like to be while pregnant, squeezing into dresses can be a challenge. Sometimes, it’s easiest to just throw on a satin slip dress, like this Crew Gwyneth selection. You’ll still feel glamorous, without the extra time and energy spent.

Best Feather Sleeves Dress

Long Sleeve Dress Formal Midi Bodycon Wrap Slit Feather Dress

Nara Smith’s distinctive style is unmistakable, as feather-sleeved dresses immediately bring her to mind. She often chooses these dresses when she’s showcasing her outfit or her cooking from scratch. Regardless of what she’s doing, people will inevitably discuss her feather sleeves and their impracticality. Opt for this feather sleeves dress and make it a staple in your wardrobe.

Best off the Shoulder

Women’s Long Sleeve Loose Off Shoulder Sweater

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Amazon

In addition to the elegant dresses Smith wears, she is often wearing an off-the-shoulder cashmere or knit sweater. This style not only nods to the classic Hollywood starlet, but also offers practicality as cashmere sweaters are typically stretchy enough for accommodating your bump. If it’s a cropped sweater, then it’s an ideal way to showcase your growing bump.

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