Move over Tiktok and Instagram, there’s a new app coming to town! BeReal is shaking up social media norms and is vying for the top spot!


Why is this not viral in the UK yet? #fyp #london #uk

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The photo-sharing platform allows users to post a photo from both the front and rear cameras simultaneously. At different times every day, the app notifies you that it’s time to “be real”, and gives you two minutes to post a picture from wherever you are. You do have the option to post late, but the idea is that you can see what your friends are doing in real time, with no filters and no followers.

The French app has been around for two years, but it has been gaining popularity more recently. Currently, there are more than 15 million daily active users. That is in comparison to the 10 thousand it had just a year ago.


Imagine getting Draymond in your BeReal 😳 @sportscenternext #bereal #nba #draymondgreen

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It has been gaining so much popularity, in fact, that other apps are copying its design. Tiktok has introduced a new feature called “Tiktok now,” which sends users a daily notification, reminding them to post a video or photo of what they’re doing in that moment.

This is all after Instagram confirmed it’s plans to roll out a similar feature, called “i-g candid challenges” and weeks after snapchat debuted its own dual camera mode.

The app is mainly popular with Gen Z users but it is infiltrating its way to the millennials. Black Twitter doesn’t seem to have gotten a hold on the app yet, but just the potential of the BeReals that will be posted once they do has us cracking up.

Will you join the new app?