Move over Poshmark, there’s a new app on the market for women to buy, sell and share their fashions. CURVSI has recently launched an iOS app specifically geared towards women sizes 10 and up! 

CURVSI founder and New York native Kayla Rose was tired of watching the fashion industry ignore curvy women and decided to stop waiting for a change to occur. 

“We’re often seen as the secondary consumer,” Rose told Moneyish. “Even when you see brands cater to plus-size women, we’re never the front of their marketing; we’re never the face of the campaign or anything like that. I wanted to give people a place at forefront of the market.”

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With the CURVSI app, users are instantly connected to different brands, styles and trends made for them based on their profile information. In addition to being able to list and purchase items, the platform also provides a forum-like community where curvy women can share tips and advice with one another. According to a study in 2016, the size of an average American woman ranges from a size 16 to 18, but many brands fail to reflect that fact. 

“I tried to shop plus, but often times it’s such a limited amount of brands. You see people wearing the same thing, like we’re all fighting for the same style. I want something that’s directly related to me,” Rose told Moneyish. “Or they won’t have my size, or cap it at size 22. Sizes 10 to 20 just don’t work for me.” 


With other plus-size-focused apps on the market and the plus-size women’s clothing industry being valued at $17 billion according to NPD group, Rose shared with Black Enterprise what sets CURVSI apart is their dedication to making plus-size women feel empowered and the experience of their app as a whole.  

“… our dedication to creating a seamless shopping experience for plus-size women. We want our users to feel empowered by being able to shop their favorite brands, sell the items they no longer wear, and aid other women in finding pieces they enjoy,” Rose said to Black Enterprise. 

You can download the iOS app here and Android users, do not fret. The Android app is said to be coming soon!

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