The rise of cosmetic surgeries has been one to watch. In the early 2000s, a boob job was all the rage, but as time went on, many more procedures grew in popularity. Social media played a large part in that growth as well, due to the amount of information accessible in the palm of one’s hand. Some plastic surgeons have even used social media to share knowledge about procedures. The ever-popular Dr. Miami, for example, shows some of his procedures live while they’re happening.

Social media is also a great way to keep up with the latest trends and see what is considered “in style.” One company decided to see what cosmetic procedures are the most popular based on activity on popular apps. In the new study conducted by The Ratio by Body Math, the team looked into Instagram and TikTok hashtag data about different procedures to see what everyone is interested in getting done these days.

It may come as a surprise but the much talked about Brazilian Butt Lift didn’t make the cut.

Cosmetic Procedures Everyone Is Talking About

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Tummy Tuck

The number one cosmetic procedure turns out to be a tummy tuck. According to the survey, it has about 56.6 million hashtags uses across both platforms. This surgical procedure targets the abdomen, aiming to sculpt and contour it by removing excess skin and fat while tightening the underlying muscles.


The tummy tuck’s runner-up is a rhinoplasty with its less formal name, a nose job, coming in third place. Rhinoplasty has 39.6 million hashtag uses and nose job is at 36.7 million hashtag uses. This procedure is particularly invasive. It reconstructs the appearance of a nose to make certain parts of it seem smaller or shaped differently.


Fillers are a very popular and non-invasive procedure coming in at number four. The procedure has 29.5 million hashtag uses on social media. Fillers help you keep a young and fresh look by smoothing out skin and adding volume to areas in the face that may be subject to drooping.

In descending order, the other procedures that made the list are facelift, breast lift, liposuction hair transplant, and body contouring. Rounding out the list are injectables. The procedure comes in at tenth place with 8 million hashtag uses. This is a non-invasive attempt as smoothing out fine lines in places like the wrinkles on your face and lips but can also be used in your hands.

What is interesting about this study is that Brazilian butt lifts did not make the list. This could be due to a new trend of celebrities reversing their procedures. Stars like K Michhele and Cardi B have both opened up about reversing the surgeries done on their butts. Blac Chyna is the most recent celebrity to open up about her reversals, saying they’re “really not who I am internally.”