The California Black Women’s Collective Empowerment Institute has released a new survey surrounding the quality of life for Black women in the state. The study has found that two out of every five California Black women are just a paycheck away from financial instability.

A Look At The Numbers

The study surveyed over one thousand Black women across California. It revealed that 37 percent of them work two or more jobs. Sixty two percent of those women say the second job is “essential” and they would “not be able to make ends meet” without it.

The survey also found that two in five Black women face challenges covering basic expenses. Eighty percent are having difficulty dealing with inflation and the rising cost of living, 66 percent are finding it hard to manage stress, and 53 percent say finding financial resources is a concern.

The California Black Women’s Collective Empowerment Institute serves as a vehicle to amplify the voices, expertise and issues of Black women throughout the state. The survey is part of an effort by the institute to improve structures that impact the lives of Black women and girls across the state. The CEO of the institute, Kellie Todd Griffin, spoke at a conference about the results of the survey.

Top Priorities For Black women

“The results are sobering and paint a picture of the pressures that threaten Black women’s stability and financial security,” Griffin said. “This data is a call-to-action for meaningful change to policymakers, advocates, and community leaders to address these pressing issues and disparity gaps.”

When asked about their top policy priorities that affect living conditions in California, Black women mentioned several needs. Eight-eight percent mentioned equal pay for equal work compared to men and women of other backgrounds. Eight-six percent want to prioritize the need for affordable housing, 85 percent want more done to protect Black women and girls from violence, and 84 percent want to expand access to quality and affordable health care.