Nick Cannon confirmed that he’s expecting more children during a recent visit to Angela Yee’s podcast “Lip Service.” The “Wild ‘N Out” host already has seven kids with four women. His first two were with ex-wife Mariah Carey who is the mother of twins Monroe and Moroccan Scott. Then there’s his former girlfriend, Brittany Bell, who is the mother of Golden “Saigon” and Powerful Queen. There’s also former partner, Abby de la Rosa who welcomed twin boys with Cannon in 2021. Model Alyssa Scott gave birth in June 2021 to Zen, who was Cannon’s seventh child. And model Bre Tiesi is currently expecting Cannon’s eighth child. It’s recently been confirmed that another baby (or babies) is on the way with Abby De La Rosa.

Grief And Our Sexual Lives

Cannon’s barrage of babies might bewilder many and raise questions about his lack of control, but during his Lip Service interview, Cannon revealed that he has attempted celibacy. Yet after losing his seventh child, Zen, to brain cancer in December, his plans got derailed. Cannon shared that he was going to become celibate at the suggestion of his therapist, but due to the “weak state” he was in after losing his child, he only made it a few weeks. 

“Obviously I started going through some stuff… I got depressed with the loss of my son,” Nick Cannon explained. “The thing is, everybody saw I was so down. So everybody was like, ‘Let’s give him a little vagina, and that’s gonna cure it all.’” Cannon continued: “I fell victim to it ’cause I was in a weak state. So December, especially right before Christmas, I started f**king like crazy…So I broke the celibacy.”

Cannon’s comments on depression and how it affected his sexual decisions is a stirring statement on how grief, heartbreak and loss affect people differently. And while Cannon’s latest baby news might be earning him some serious side-eye from critics, the truth is grief does have a significant influence on one’s life—every aspect of it—including sex

For more insight, here are some of the ways our sexual lives can be impacted by grief.

People Who Are Grieving Often Experience A Change In Their Sex Drives

Grief can drastically alter one’s sex drive. Some people dealing with grief find that their sex drive doesn’t change at all, while others experience a dramatic decrease, or increase, in libido. These changes can last for weeks, months and even years. For some, sexual desires may disappear entirely, as the body feels “emotionally shut down.” While for others their sexual feelings might go into overdrive. Because sex and physical closeness release “feel-good” hormones, like oxytocin, sex may help to relieve feelings of sadness and anxiety brought about by grief. Intimacy can also offer some much-needed comfort when you’re going through a rough time.

Grief Can Cause People To Seek Sexual Affection With Multiple Partners

If a grieving person is in a monogamous relationship grief can cause them to seek comfort, affection, and/or sex outside their relationship, with one or multiple partners—which could lead to cheating. Grief can also cause uncharacteristic behavior for someone not in a relationship. For example, someone who tends to steer clear of casual sex and/ or sex with many people could start to feel an urge to have meaningless flings with multiple people in a short span of time. While there’s nothing wrong with casual sex, using it as an unhealthy coping mechanism can be detrimental to one’s physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

Sex May Be Used As A Distraction Or As A Way To Numb The Pain

In the same way drugs, alcohol and food can be used as a way to distract from one’s problems, so too can sex. Using sex to deflect from both physical and emotional pain is a fairly common practice. Instead of coping with the persistent intensity of grief, many people seek ways to abate it with sex. While sex might temporarily fill a void and make a person feel good, it can also leave them feeling even more lonely, depressed and empty than they were before.

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Sex May Be Used As A Sensation Seeking Tactic

As previously mentioned, some people use sex as a way to numb the pain but in contrast, others may actually be seeking to feel something through sex. If a person is experiencing numbness in their mind/body/spirit then they might try to counteract these emotions with acts of extreme sensation. When numbness sets in there is often a longing to feel. This can sometimes result in an increased level of sexual activity and even the desire to seek out dangerous or painful sex.