Nicki Minaj is planning to add another feather to her cap and she is planning to do it by owning a record label and management company. In a recent interview with podcaster Joe Budden, Minaj shared that she is expanding her empire.

The iconic “Blick Blick” rapper shared that she aspires to follow in Lil Wayne’s steps. Lil Wayne signed her to his record label Young Money in 2009, and in many ways, is her rap sensei.

“I am creating my own management company,” Minaj told Budden. “I’m also doing my record company, and I have a couple of artists that I will start the record company with but I’ll speak on that closer to album time.


For years, Minaj’s fan base, aka the Barbs, has speculated that she would start her record label. Many have shared that she would be the perfect mentor for young artists who want to break into a fiercely competitive industry. 

While Minaj has experienced the brunt of breaking into a male-dominated genre, she has persevered. Her iconic verse on Ye’s “Monster” is arguably one of her most decorated rap moments.

For the past decade, Minaj has pioneered a new landscape for artists. Her versatility shows itself in her fearlessness as an emcee (as seen in songs like “Monster, “Roman’s Revenge,” and “Itty Bitty Piggy), and songs like “Moment For Life,” “High School,” “Bed,” and Grand Piano show her softer side.

The Trinidad-born, New York-bred’s razor-sharp wit, enunciation, and ferocious flow is indisputable. Her complex alter-egos as the preppy Barbie, to the unhinged Roman Zolanski, and the austere Martha Zolanski, have all made appearances in her songs. Her New York-y, braggadocious audacity and insatiable appetite are all attributes that will make her an ideal music executive. If anyone has what it takes to run a music empire and carry new music acts along, it’s Nicki Minaj.