Since returning from the shadows of new motherhood, Nicki Minaj has been on a relentless mission to reclaim all eyes on her.

The 39 year old mother of one, has announced that she’ll be launching her own management label, bring back Queen Radio, and even sat down for an exclusive interview with Joe Budden where she called out the fashion industry for failing to give Black women their credit as trendsetters of popular fashion.

On the music side, the rapper has already released two singles, “Bussin” and “Do We Have A Problem?”, accompanied by the likes of Lil Baby – and has now tapped fellow female rapper, Coi Leray, for her newest single, “Blick Blick.”

The official music video premiered today, and featured Minaj and Leray looking as fly as ever. From the outfits to the hairstyles – it’s safe to say that these two women will be inspiring a lot of looks on social media in the upcoming weeks.

The single’s cover art featured Minaj and Leray, back to back, with guns in hand – and what stuck out the most to fans was Minaj’s black and platinum blonde hair.

On first peak, it looked as if Minaj’s bob was one length, but it turns out that she actually opted for a bob which was short in the front and long in the back – similar to a look that she recently rocked with pink hair.

Fans were certainly loving the black and blonde hair, and even took to Twitter to share jokes about Minaj’s look –  claiming that anytime she rocks this color combo, her verses end up being steaming hot!

Leray definitely showcased her dance moves throughout the music video. And at one point, appeared rocking waist-length, straight, black tresses; accessorizing her look with a chained “Dior” bralette, a pair of black shorts, and a barrette-style hat.

Both rappers also rocked outfits with pops of color which seamlessly paired with the backdrops of the visual. At one point in the video, Minaj can be seen wearing a black and green laced up corset, paired with multi-colored thigh-high boots.

The “Blick Blick” music video concludes with both rappers sporting pink wigs – an iconic nod to Minaj’s style during the early years of her rise to fame.