Normani is back and better than ever. After a year plus hiatus from releasing music, the R&B songstress is fresh off the release of her new smash single, "Wild Side," featuring Cardi B. The new track is both an ode to Aaliyah's "One In A Million" classic and her signature style showcased in her music videos. For Normani this mini-comeback marks her journey to releasing her highly-anticipated debut album, which fans have been anxiously seeking since she dropped her debut single, "Motivation," back in 2019.

Now, she's back to business on a press tour promoting her new song. For her latest stop, she appeared on "Audacy's Check In" with host Bru for a candid conversation about her music, how she spent a year in the pandemic and what she's gearing up for next. 

Like many of us who tried out new hobbies in quarantine, Normani shared with Bru that she attempted to become a nail technician, which unfortunately didn't pan out the way she hoped. But on the brighter side, she said that she enjoyed the time off to just chill and relax. "[The pandemic] was nice because honestly I'm such an introvert," she says. "I love being dolled up, like this is a different me, but I [also] love being at home watching Netflix in my sweats. Like if you see me on a regular day I'm chilling. Hair tied up, no makeup [and] a hoodie. I choose comfort over anything."

She then opened up about the process behind her new single and teaming up with Cardi B to film their unbelievable music video together. She even gave some insider info on how her solo record ending up becoming a collaboration with the rap sensation. "I was supposed to be on this record initially by myself and I was in rehearsal for about three weeks preparing for the music video," she shares. "And we ended up getting her verse mixed and mastered literally the day before we even shot."

Normani, still a budding artist in the industry, was happy to have the opportunity to work with somebody like Cardi B who has quickly cemented herself as an icon for female rappers. "The fact that she wanted to be on this record... she loved the song as much as I did," she confessed. "I remember I posted a snippet on Instagram like two months ago and she ended up tweeting my mom. She's like, 'Mama Normani, 'We can't just keep talking about it,'" she said on her referencing the song's lyrics. "So she manifested it even before I thought this record [was it]."

Even being on set of the music video was an experience for the young singer, who felt honored that Cardi B shared this moment with her during her pregnancy. "I remember being so excited because I'm such a huge fan of everything she's done, and getting to know her now is just crazy because she's genuinely one of the kindest spirits I've ever met. And I wish that the world could experience that... she's such an angel and she rides for me hard. The fact that she trusted me enough to come to set being pregnant. I'm sure that not having control over certain situations being in that state [was a lot], she trusted me with that. And I'm forever grateful that she was able and willing to put everything on the line for me."

Normani went on to share how the past year has been a challenge for her personally, revealing that her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in what she described as "one of the hardest times of my life." But through it all, she claims that her music saved her, her mom and has helped her grow as a person.

"We're ever-evolving and I think that in my real life we're not the same people. I'm not the same person I was even three months ago," she shares. "Obviously the pandemic has changed a lot. We have so many experiences and it's the same thing with my art. Where I am currently in my personal life, it ends up being represented in what I create."

Towards the end of the conversation, the singer also teased that she has a name in mind for her debut album and plans on releasing it near the end of the year.

Check out the full interview with Audacy Check In below.

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