If you're not one of those people who revel in the idea of setting your alarm before dawn, lacing up your sneakers, and heading out for a run, trust me — you are not alone.

By now most of us know the physical and mental benefits of exercise, but sometimes we simply just can't get motivated, especially when we have never-ending obligations at work, at home, and with loved ones and friends.

It can be a challenge, but in this day and age, there are a plethora of options when it comes to squeezing in a killer workout without ever even leaving your home.

Gone are the days of toughing it out on an elliptical or forcing yourself through another workout tape you barely tolerate.  

Even if you loathe running, can’t stand the gym, or just the thought of a burpee exercise makes you want to weep, know that it is still possible for you to get into great shape. The key is to find the types of movement you enjoy and to stick with them.

Here are five exercise ideas that don’t involve reps, sets, or having to set foot on a piece of exercise equipment.


What is low impact, great for joints, costs no money and is entirely equipment free?   Walking, sis. Walking is an excellent form of cardio for building endurance. To get started, all you have to do is get more steps into your day. You can even take up a notch once your ready and add some body weights to help build muscle while you walk.


If you’re craving a low-impact workout that promotes flexibility, core strength, and mind/body balance, definitely give Pilates a go. It is easy on the joints, and as a bonus, it improves overall posture. With just one Pilates class, you can strengthen your whole body without having to lift a single weight.

Dance Fitness

Instead of dancing it out at the clubs, try a dance fitness class! Everyone knows that dance is a fantastic cardiovascular workout,  and you can torch some serious calories. There are formations for nearly every style of dance. There are even free apps available to teach dance like Step Dance and Dance Booth. YouTube is also a viable option for fun and free dance workouts. You definitely won’t be staring at the clock waiting for time to pass while you’re dancing it out to your favorite Rihanna song, sis. Trust me.

Adult Sports Leagues

Were you the MVP of soccer in high school? Do you miss your days as a basketball superstar? Try reliving the glory days by finding your favorite sport in an adult league. Not only will you get a great workout every week, but you’ll also practice team building and make some new friendships that can help keep you accountable.


If the sweaty, stale air at your local gym is what drives you mad, take a trek to the wilderness and get some fresh, clean air. Hiking is a way to stay fit, all while enjoying the new outdoors. Not only can you lose weight, but hiking can also reduce the chance of heart disease, decrease hypertension, helping to slow the aging process and help us feel youthful forever. If you are looking for a great full-body workout that is low-impact and incredibly meditative, check out sites like TrailLink to see where you can find hiking trails close by. 

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