It is unfortunate that so many of us can relate to the experience of living through a traumatic life event. While these events may not all look the same, we are all left with the task of "overcoming" them. But more often than not, people do not know where to start when it comes to prevailing over past traumas. 

In a recent interview with 21Ninety, Octavia Yearwood, a powerhouse woman openly sharing her traumatic childhood as a tool to encourage others who have lived through trauma to use their past as a stepping stone to dominate their present and future, shared five tips for overcoming trauma: 

1. Take Responsibility.

PHOTO: What Mel Did 

Remember everything you experience is in service to you. This is hard as hell because things are really hard sometimes, but when you do this, it's the first step to taking responsibility for your life. Perspective is everything. Allow yourself to feel those moments, but don't swim in them too long. You will realize in time how that moment prepared you, so know that in advance and allow it to teach you instead of demonizing it and victimizing yourself. No one ever remembers the victim, always the killer. Take ya power back. 

2. Express Yourself.

PHOTO: Chase

Be creative, and make art. Whether it's crocheting, painting or writing poetry, do something throughout the week where you express yourself this way. We are all creators, but the more we move away from creating physical works, the further our minds go away from realizing that we can make something out of nothing. If you stay in the practice of creating, you not only release things you don't want by relaxing and feeling good, you also create space to let in new thoughts and feelings. Creating things make(s) you feel good, feeling good will always move you toward a win. 

3. Seek Mentorship.

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Find a mentor. We are so guarded because of the experiences (we've had) that we either block our blessings or create weapons that only work against us. Finding a mentor is so vital in getting support and guidance in whatever you want to do, even if you are figuring it out. Explore your interest, and check for people in the field that may be able to support you in the ways you need. ASK FOR HELP! Use your gut. I know that feeling in the stomach most familiar (to me) because of some traumatic things; that feeling can also guide you in the right direction. Know as much about yourself as possible, and then check for those who are equipped to support you in that.

4. Find The Power In Forgiveness. 

PHOTO: The Praying Woman

Forgive. Forgive yourself because I know you tried and still got smacked in the face. We give the people that hurt us the opportunity to hurt us again because we don't provide the opportunity to fix it. A job that is not theirs. Once you forgive yourself you begin to forgive, or you realize you don't even need to and move forward. Then forgive others, because in short, it's holding you back if you don't and you got enough to deal with. Bloop!

5. Love. 

PHOTO: Higher Density Blog 

Love yourself for all that you are. This gets easier once you forgive yourself, which is why ONE THING is never the answer. You gotta love yourself to heal and to win in this world. Allow yourself to love others freely; we like to think it's something that has to be so exclusive but you were born with an unlimited supply. GIVE IT AWAY! When people feel good they do good, so do your part. Allow yourself to love yourself and allow yourself to feel what real love is all about. Love is the most important tool when talking about healing. When I fell in love for the first time (I didn't allow myself to do that till 25. But if I knew the health benefits…) it changed the course of my life forever. It has taught me so much about me and the work I had to do, and I've transformed so many times and fallen in love with each of those versions of me.

Are these steps speaking to you? Check out Octavia’s book How The Hell Did You Do That?! to learn more about her, as well as how she overcome adversity and get help in navigating your own path to healing.

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