Social media has been in a tizzy about the story of the random man from Atlanta and the seven mothers of his children. If this story hasn’t made it on your timeline just yet, here’s a bit of a recap for you.

All About The Random Man From Atlanta Saga

It all began when TikToker, Morgan Bailey, went viral for her videos making jokes about her child’s deadbeat father, whom she calls a “random man from Atlanta.” In her story, she says that after getting pregnant by him and being cheated on by him, he left her one month after she gave birth. The random man from Atlanta, whose real name is JaQuan Sanka, got wind of the videos and decided to combat the allegations.

In the midst of the back and forth between the two, it came to many social media users’ surprise when it was revealed that Sanka had fathered multiple babies by different women. As far as the public knows, this is the first time any of the mothers, including Bailey, knew of each other’s existence.

Social Media’s Opinions

What has been disheartening to read online is the amount of people who fault the women in this situation instead of the “random man from Atlanta.” It is important to keep in mind that because of the short attention span people possess, it is rare that someone reads fully about a topic before sharing their opinions for the masses to read.

The idea that these women were the ones in the wrong in this instance speaks volumes about society’s views on the role that men play in creating a child. It always takes two people to create a child.

It’s about time society holds men accountable for their actions when it comes to conceiving a child. These women were not aware of each other prior to giving birth and as far as social media knows, they knew what they were doing when making the conscious decision to have unprotected sex with Sanka. He was the only one, however, who was aware of the spider web he was creating as well as the responsibility that came with having several children.

The “random man from Atlanta” has denied all claims that he is a deadbeat father. He has even posted cash app receipts of him sending Bailey money for their daughter. Although there is speculation around those being falsified screenshots. Regardless, sending money does not equate to being a present father. The responsibility is on him to take care of his children. The women are simply casualties of Sanka’s behavior.

Women (especially mothers) deserve better and it starts with holding the right people accountable for their actions and not villainizing those who have not done wrong.