If you have listened to Burna Boy’s “Last Last,” then you know that it is catchy, but the main point of the song is also pointedly spot on. At certain points in the song, the artist croons:
“Last, last na everybody go chop breakfast,” which is broken English for “everyone is going to experience heartbreak at some point.” Love is beautiful when you find it with the right person, but it can also quickly turn toxic and sour with the wrong person, and that is where heartbreak ensues. If you have been heartbroken, it can feel like the world is caving in, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I experienced heartbreak at some point, and while it wasn’t pretty, it led to my ultimate glow-up. Here is how I got over it and started living my best life.

I Bet On Myself

I woke up one morning in the midst of my episodes of knotted stomachs and bouts of crying, and I told myself that I was that girl. I then started to think of ways to improve myself for myself. Although I did not blame myself for getting heartbroken, I realized that if I had been vibrating at a higher frequency, I probably would not have been attracted to the person who hurt me in the first place. I decided to invest resources in rebuilding my self-worth, knowledge bank and overall aesthetic. This could look different for a lot of people. For some, it is seeing a therapist or reading more books; for others, it is indulging in retail therapy or even deciding to get a new job that will let you level up socio-economically. Whatever route you take, ensure it benefits you in the long run and helps you elevate yourself.

Photo by rfstudio
Photo Credit: rfstudio

I Showed Myself Empathy

It can be easy to call yourself “stupid” or “less than smart” when it comes to a romantic breakup, be easy on your psyche. There is a big difference between being kind to yourself and intentionally taking the time to analyze and understand why you ended up in the wrong relationship and how you can strategize better moving forward. Showing myself empathy helped me understand more deeply and intimately and assess what I needed in the future regarding relationships.

Photo by Marcus Lewis
Photo Credit: Marcus Lewis

I Went Offline For a While

After the heartbreak, I decided to take some time off social media and truly hone in on my healing, and it was liberating. While I was offline, I took the time to reconnect with myself purposefully and spend time with friends and family. Cutting social media cold turkey made me realize that sometimes in heartbreak, it takes a village of support for healing to happen.

Photo by Ogo
Photo Credit: Ogo

I Breathed

Breathing through anxieties is an excellent way to make my body feel safe. My coach told me a while ago that going to the breath is a good tactic to use when to go to when things get hard, and that worked for me. Taking time to pause and intentionally breathe through the hard moments was a game-changer.

Photo by Matheus Natan
Photo Credit: Matheus Natan