When you've been best friends with someone for years, you just tell each other like it is — and Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King, who have been friends for decades, are the truest example of this.

On Sunday, Oprah took it upon herself to let Gayle know she needed some lotion on her ashy elbows before she hit the red carpet for the 2018 Golden Globe Awards. Additionally, she posted the exchange on Instagram, reminding us all that they're the ultimate friendship goals.

"Get your elbows," Oprah told Gayle. "A lil Ash Wednesday on the elbows, there." 

You know she's your friend and she has your best interest at heart when she's just as concerned as you are about moisturizing your skin.

Gayle’s Ready Y’all.. here we go! #GoldenGlobes part4

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