Are you still trying to find the perfect gift for mom? Why not get her a Pandora bracelet. There are hundreds of themed Pandora charms to celebrate personal milestones as well as to gift the holidays. On the jeweler’s website, there’s even an entire section dedicated to gifts for the mother figures in your life. A Pandora bracelet is a gift that grows with whoever receives it. So, once you give mom a Pandora charm bracelet, you’re then able to gift an endless amount of Pandora charms for every celebration. 

Pandora Moments Heart Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet

Pandora’s Moments Heart Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet is the main gift you have to give mom. It’s a charm bracelet with a heart-shaped closure. It comes in six metal choices, including a solid 14K gold option. Plus, there are seven wrist sizes to shop – from 6.3 inches to 9 inches. 

Pandora Mom Hero Openwork Charm

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Pandora’s Mom Hero Openwork Charm reminds your mom just how much of a superhero she is. It’s a sterling silver charm that features a circular cage-design.Across the front is the phrase “Super Mom.” And, the back says “I Love You” with a heart instead of the word “love.”

Pandora Heart & Mum Dangle Charm

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Pandora’s Heart & Mum Dangle Charm is for the mom that loves a piece of jewelry that sparkles. The 14K rose gold-plated double charm boasts an abundance of cubic zirconia. The front charm is a heart-shaped open-work pendant with a frame of the diamond-like stone. In the center of the front charm, there’s the word “MOM” with a heart-shaped stone instead of the letter “o.” At the back, there’s a double-sided pendant with the phrase “All Of Me Loves All Of You” engraved repeatedly on the smooth rose gold-plated surface. 

Pandora Sparkling Paw Print & Heart Charm

If you have, or know, a dog mom get her this Pandora’s Sparkling Paw Print & Heart Charm. This two-sided sterling silver pendant features a paw in the upper corner of a hollow heart on both sides. The paw print also has four cubic zirconia stones on each of the “toe beans,” also known as toe pads, on both sides for a total of eight stones. Underneath the heat is a dangling tag that says “Fur Mom.” That way, you can give it to a cat mom too.  

Pandora New Baby Girl Charm Set

Photo Courtesy of Pandora

For the new mom in your life, gift her the Pandora New Baby Girl Charm Set. It’s a great three-piece sterling silver and rose gold-plated set to get any new mom that loves the color pink. Plus, you can split the charms up to give one to each mom, and mother figure, in your life. 

The first charm features an open-work design with two phrases – with one on each side. The front says “MOM” and the back has “Thank you for being there” stacked within the heart. The bottom has two smaller dangling charms. The silver charm has “Love,” in a script font. Meanwhile, the rose gold-plated charm says “Thanks.”

The second is another two-toned dangling charm in the shape of a pacifier. Plus, the phrase “Made with Love” is engraved on the back of the pacifier. Along with the sweet phrase, there’s a heart-shaped engraving with a cubic zirconia stone in the middle above the word “Made.”

Lastly, there’s a rolling Matte Pink Murano Glass Charm. It’s a frosted glass charm with a matte surface that’s framed in rose gold-plated metal on the sides where the bracelet slides through. 

Pandora Disney Minnie Mouse Bow & Mum Charm

Pandora’s Disney Minnie Mouse Bow & Mum Charm calls to your mother’s inner child. This nostalgic two-sided piece features the word “MOM” with a Minnie Mouse silhouette in place of the “o.” Plus, there’s a hollow heart in the center of the Minnie Mouse shape. 

Pandora Splittable Family Generation of Hearts Triple Dangle Charm

Pandora’s Splittable Family Generation of Hearts Triple Dangle Charm is a set of identical pieces that celebrates multiple generations in one. While each of the charms have a different engraving all of them feature a rose gold-plated bail (the part that connects the charm to the bracelet) with a sterling silver heart. The engravings are “Grandmother,” “Mother,” and “Daughter.”

Pandora Blue Spinnable Heart Charm

Photo Courtesy of Pandora

Pandora’s Blue Spinnable Heart Charm is a dual-sided gift for the mom that perferes blue over pink. This sterling silver charm features a transparent blue enamel all the way around. On one side, the center of the heart boasts a smaller heart with over a dozen tiny blue sparkling stones. The other size has the phrase “My favorite PERSON” engraved in a smaller center sterling silver heart.

Pandora Pearlescent White Heart Double Dangle Charm

Pandora’s Pearlescent White Heart Double Dangle Charm adds a luxurious touch to your mom’s charm bracelet. The front pendant features a hollow sterling silver heart that’s framed in small man-made pearls. The second pendant has the phrase “Thanks MOM for all that you do” with a cut-out heart in place of the “o” in “MOM.” Plus, the bail features an engraved heart with a sparkling clear stone in the center. 

Pandora Love You Mom Infinity Heart Charm

This 14K gold Pandora’s Love You Mom Infinity Heart Charm is a bold addition to give as a gift. It features an intricate infinity symbol on both sides of the hollow heart-shaped charm. Plus, there are stamped out hearts all around the top, sides, and underside of the Pandora charm. One side of the heart even has an engraving of the phrase “Love You MOM,” with a heart in place of the “o.”

Pandora Engravable Heart Charm

Photo Courtesy of Pandora

Pandora’s Engravable Heart Charm is the most customizable piece on this list. When purchased as is, this charm boasts a smooth surface on both sides. That said, the top, sides, and underside of the charm features a ribbon of engraved hearts. For an additional fee, you can engrave both sides with a short phrase and/or your selection of symbols. Shop this Pandora Charm in sterling silver, rose gold-plated silver, or gold plated-silver. 

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