Makeup is an investment. But understandably so, not everyone has the desire or the ability to invest more than $100 on an eyeshadow palette — no matter how good the formula is. So although the iconic Pat McGrath's Mothership eyeshadow palettes saw rave reviews from influencers and makeup obsessives, many of us didn't take the plunge and buy one of the $125 palettes. Even if we wanted to. But Pat McGrath is now launching MTHRSHP palettes with six shades for $55.

Other than the fact that we love to clever abbreviated name, we also love the fact that these palettes are not only more affordable (less than half the price), but they're actually smaller and more travel-friendly too.

Photo: La Vie En Rose

When they're released on March 7, you'll be able to grab one of three colorways, "La Vie En Rose" which features a hot pink, bright purple and some plum shades, "Subliminal Platinum Bronze" with cool-toned bronze shades and "Sublime Bronze Ambition" with warm bronze and gold shades. And to complete your fierce eye looks, check out the new Perma Precision Liquid Eyeliner pen she's dropping on the same day.

Photo: Sublime Bronze Ambition

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Photo: Subliminal Platinum Bronze