Expectant mothers are going through a lot of changes in their bodies, while they’re growing their baby. As they carry their babies, mothers-to-be endure frequent bathroom breaks, kicks from the baby, an unusual appetite, doctor visits and much more.

After all of the challenges and changes, some men are deciding to give a push present to their partner. A push present is a, sometimes lavish, gift that women receive before or after giving birth. Here are 10 ideas for the perfect push present for new mothers.

Salt Therapy

Salt therapy, also known as halotherapy, is a spa-like treatment that helps with breathing. Salt therapy comes with many natural benefits for people with respiratory problems and skin conditions. It’s also helpful for new mothers battling postpartum depression, promoting relaxation and a positive mindset.

Designer Bag

Nothing says “thank you,” like a designer purse for a push present. Whether it’s a stylish baby bag, crossbody or handbag, a luxury purse is a thoughtful way of showing your appreciation.

Symbolic Jewelry

Consider buying symbolic or personalized jewelry, in honor of the baby. There are a number of pieces that can be personalized for the baby, like a necklace with the child’s name or initial. Another idea is a piece of jewelry that includes a birthstone representing the month that the child was born in.

Baby Bands

For married couples, this is another gift that can be symbolic. One trend that was recently popular on social media was to show off a ring stack. Partners can purchase baby bands, with each one representing a different child being born. Baby bands can add onto a wedding band and engagement ring.


The first few weeks after a baby is born can be overwhelming for new mothers. Gift a new mom with alone time away from home. A staycation in a nice hotel nearby offers mothers a chance to rest and recharge.

Photo Shoot

This is another thoughtful gift that can be done during pregnancy or after. A maternity shoot captures on film the beautiful magic a woman creates with her body. Doing a photo shoot after having a baby also signifies the beginning of a family’s new life.

Instant Camera

Another idea related to photos is using an instant camera. This can be used to capture those intimate, everyday moments at home with baby.


A bouquet of flowers is good way to show your love and appreciation. Instead of buying from the neighborhood grocery store, check out flowers from Venus Et Fleur that lasts for years.

Cleaning Service

Washing dishes, doing laundry and vacuuming are often put on the backburner once you have a newborn baby in your home. Hiring a cleaning service to come in, deep clean and organize the home can save a mom time and energy.

Shopping Spree

Entering a new era in life calls for a new wardrobe. Offer the new mom a day to hit up her favorite stores to find new pieces. Pregnancy can change a woman’s body. Whether it’s loungewear or work attire, this gesture is helpful for a postpartum mom who is embracing her new curves.