We all know that Hilary Banks has always been that girl on the fashion scene. Karen Parsons Rockwell played Hilary in the original sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” In the show she exuded a dose of class similar to that loved by fans on “The Nanny”.  From the iconic colorful suits to her on-point accessories, Hilary’s fashion game has always been exceptional. Coco Jones is the modern-day Hilary Banks on the show’s reboot, “Bel-Air.” This version of Hilary serves an updated take on the original character’s wardrobe.

On “Bel-Air,” Jones brings a fresh vibe to the character and making it her own. One thing that stands out is her ability to mix and match colors and patterns in a way that’s both stylish and daring. She’s not afraid to push the envelope and try new things, just like the original Hilary did. From the characteristic suits that give boss vibes to the signature Hilary heels, the modern Miss. Banks is definitely embodying the true spirit of the character.

Photo credit: Tyler Golden

Overall, Coco Jones is killing her role as Hilary Banks and making the character her own. She’s bringing a fresh take to the iconic role and rocking her power suits like a boss. Check out these pieces you need to tap into your inner Hilary Banks!

The Nadja Set

First things first, in order to tap into your inner Hilary Banks you need some bomb sets in your wardrobe. She kills them every time adding a touch of sexy while remaining classy and reserved at the same time. In season 1 episode 9, Hilary wore the fire pink and red Lovers and Friends tweed set with the jacket, bra let, and pants and it was a fan favorite. You can shop this exact look on Revolve right now! Looks like these are also available on more affordable sites like PrettyLittleThing and even Amazon.

Photo Courtesy of Revolve
Photo Courtesy of Revolve

Blazer Tease

Next up for tapping in is your blazer game. Hilary comes through with the blazers and jackets every time so you have to have a staple in your closet to build these types of looks. Don’t worry, you don’t have to break the bank to dress fly unless you want to of course. A quality blazer is a fashion piece that can add spice to any casual outfit or elegant evening. Add this one to your Amazon cart!

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Houndstooth Dress

Now, you know you have to have a fly elegant dress ready for any occasion just like Hilary. She often rocks houndstooth dresses that extenuate the curves but gives the girls Coco Chanel vibes at an affordable price. Classic timeless fashion is perfect for any woman with any style! Just like this one, check it out!

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Sexy In A Suit

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You can’t pull off a Hilary Banks type of wardrobe without a couple of fire suits. Suits and shoes were Hilary’s vices on T”he Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” and those vibes were also brought to the current-day series. Here are two suits that will help you tap into your inner Hilary.

These 5 pieces will help to elevate your fashion sense and wardrobe and have you feeling bad and bougie like Hilary.

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