Used as a term for enjoying sexual pleasure, a pillow princess stands for all of the people out there who simply love staying on the receiving end in the bedroom (no shame there). However, pillow princesses are often the ones who tend to exhibit a lack of effort when it comes to sexual engagements and are often the ones who primarily focus on their own enjoyment. In essence, pillow princesses are usually the ones “on the bottom” and tend not to stray away from either one or two positions. By letting your partner do all of the work, pillow princesses get to simply relax and well, enjoy all of the wonders that come with sexual pleasures without feeling obligated to return the favor. If this sounds like you, chances are that you may be a pillow princess, however, there’s only one way to truly tell. Ahead, are all of the signs of a complete pillow princess and where the phrase originated.

What Is A Pillow Princess?

A “pillow princess” is a term used to describe someone who enjoys receiving sexual pleasure but may not reciprocate or participate actively in sexual activities with their partner and romantic interests. Pillow Princesses are usually the ones who may not like giving oral sex and tend to refrain from trying and experimenting with new things in the bedroom.

Where Did The Term ‘Pillow Princess’ Come From?

The term “pillow princess” originated from LGBTQ+ and queer communities, particularly in lesbian and bisexual relationships. Essentially, the term highlights an imbalance in effort and participation during intimate moments and can cause friction in partnerships where one partner may feel like they’re doing all of the work.

And though the term was coined by the LGBTQ+ community, its origins aren’t definitively documented. However, it likely emerged as a way to describe and discuss different dynamics in sexual relationships. Moreover, It’s important to note that the term can be both descriptive and slightly derogatory, as it can imply a lack of enthusiasm or effort in contributing to a mutually satisfying sexual experience.

9 Signs That You’re A Pillow Princess

Passive Engagement

You tend to be passive during sexual encounters, often preferring to be pleasured rather than taking an active role.

Limited Initiatives

You rarely initiate sexual activities or show little to no enthusiasm for exploring new things in the bedroom.

Minimal Effort

You don’t put much effort into pleasing your partner sexually, focusing primarily on your own enjoyment.

Limited Communication

You may not communicate your desires or provide feedback on what they enjoy or want during intimate moments.

One-Sided Focus

Their focus during sexual encounters is primarily on receiving pleasure, rather than engaging in mutual satisfaction.

Lack of Exploration

You may be unwilling to try new things or experiment sexually, especially if it involves reciprocation or effort on your part.

Preference for Specific Acts

You often prefer specific sexual acts that cater to your own pleasure, without showing much interest in fulfilling your partner’s specific desires.

Reluctance to Give Oral

You may be reluctant to engage in activities such as giving oral sex to your partner.

Short Duration

Sexual encounters may be relatively short, ending once you’ve achieved your own satisfaction without considering your partner’s needs.

It’s important to note that labels like “pillow princess” can be exaggerated and may not fully capture someone’s sexual preferences or behaviors. Having an open and honest conversation between partners about desires, boundaries, and expectations is crucial in any relationship, especially when it comes to intimacy and sexual activities.