Navigating the world as a Black woman can present countless obstacles. Dismissive doctors, disempowering Eurocentric beauty standards, and glass ceilings are just a few tribulations that accompany the Black woman’s experience. Being a woman means dealing with the pink tax, a price uptick in products targeted at women. For women of color, this issue is even more complex. It is important to stay abreast of pink tax’s impact.

Pink Tax’s Impact On Black Women

Pink tax refers to gender-based price discrimination, where products and services for women cost more than those for men. It can be seen in various products, from shampoos and razors to children’s clothing and adult diapers. While states like California and New York have laws against gender-based price hikes for services like dry cleaning and hair salons, there is little control over in-store products. Women are estimated to pay upwards of $1,300 more per year for pink tax items than men, despite earning less.

Gender-specific inflated pricing has an even louder impact on marginalized groups. While it affects anyone purchasing products marketed to women, gender and racial pay gaps mean women of color already begin with less purchasing power than white women. White women earn 82 cents for every dollar a white man earns, while Black women earn only 64 cents. Over time, pink tax costs Black women significantly more.

Studies show Black households have significantly lower median wealth than white households and are more likely to have federal student loans while working in lower-paying service jobs. With racial and gender-based discrimination, gender wage gaps, and rising inflation, Black women simply cannot afford to be Black women. The small differences add up, making every penny count.

How to Avoid Pink Tax

Avoiding pink tax is challenging. Women often face unavoidable higher costs for products. Despite the difficulties, Black women wouldn’t trade their identity for the world. Innovative and resilient, Black women set the standard.

One strategy is to buy men’s versions of certain products. Men’s razors can be more efficient, and their deodorant options are extensive. In California, New York City, or Miami-Dade County, report price discrimination to local government authorities