It’s almost the end of the year, and there’s no better time to cozy up with a great podcast. With a blanket and cup of your favorite drink, sit back and enjoy a good listen. With a variety of podcasts on streaming, you can find one to make you think, cry, or laugh. Here are seven podcasts that have been on constant rotation to all year long.

Moms Actually

For all the moms and moms to be out there, Moms Actually is the perfect podcast for you. It’s more than just a podcast. Moms Actually is an online community that aims to tear down the unhealthy expectations and standards of motherhood. The platform provides a space for women to connect with each other. The visual podcast centers on the genuine experiences of womanhood, sisterhood, and motherhood that connect women.

Black Hair in the Big Leagues

If you want to listen to a podcast about all things hair, check out Black Hair in the Big Leagues. Hosted by producer and actress Salisha Thomas Weiss, this podcast spotlights Black voices on Broadway and across other industries. In each episode, they talk about their experiences on and off stage, swap ideas and share secrets. Weiss and her guests dive into what it means to show up to work being Black and “put together.” They also share vulnerable stories in hopes of inspiring listeners to embrace the things that make them unique.

The Black Girl Bravado

If you want the feelings of sitting down for a warm cup of coffee with your girlfriends, then The Black Girl Bravado is for you. It is the rest and relaxation our souls crave. It’s all about self-care, mental health, wellness, and self-love. This podcast is a space for Black women to have honest conversations about becoming their best selves and holistic health. 

The Scottie & Sylvia Show Podcast

If you love hearing about the latest celebrity news, pop culture gossip, and trends in Black culture, The Scottie & Sylvia Show is for you. This podcast is all things affirming, all things fun and all things Black. It is led by two best friends who keep their fingers on the pulse of the culture.

Mommifaceted: Black Working Mom Podcast

Black moms juggle a lot and are multifaceted beings. The Mommifaceted: Black Working Mom Podcast is about tearing back the veil of the superwoman archetype of Black mothers. It explores the humanness of motherhood and Black womanhood. Podcast hosts Rachel Pierre and Darline Victor create a safe and whimsical space for Black women to own the many facets of their lives and their identities.

Small Doses with Amanda Seales

Comedian and actress Amanda Seales brings her intellect and empathy to Small Doses with Amanda Seales. Each episode she drops weekly gems of wisdom for listeners. She speaks on everything from mean girls to voting rights. Seales mixes deep moments with lightheartedness to ultimately leave listeners with truths for everyday use.

Checking In with Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams from the beloved ’90s trio is the host of a new podcast, Checking In with Michelle Williams. She shares her mental health journey and highlights the mental health struggles of her guests. She also talks about tools for coping and developing better mental well-being.