Some dreams jerk us out of our sleep, while others make us wish we could fall right back into its sweet embrace by closing our eyes. Dreams are powerful. They often give insight to the things our hearts and souls are struggling with; things our minds try to shut off from our conscious thoughts in the hopes of protecting us. Often times, once awakened we go through different phases of trying to recall the dream that we just experienced, which leads to dream decoding also known as dream interpretation. Dream decoding is uncovering the ‘why’ behind dreams and also the revealing process. It is important to acknowledge and come to grips with the message being conveyed in your dreams because they come from spirit guides, such as ancestors, angels, and elemental spirits, and can help you discover your purpose, recognize wounds that need healing, and more. So, what does it mean when we start dreaming of poop? Yes, you read that correctly. Poop in a dream is a thing. And it can hold a lot of meaning for the person who is dreaming about it.

Did you know poop in a dream has a connection to money? Like any other dream, poop in a dream provides a means for the subconscious mind to communicate something to us; something more than what is just on the apparent surface.

Read on to gain deeper insights into your psyche if, in fact, you’ve recently begun to see poop in a dream.

Symbolism and Interpretations of Poop in a Dream

Like any other dream, dreaming of poop really has more to do with other things than what’s on the apparent surface. So what is a poop dream really about? A lot of interpretations would have us believe that seeing poop in a dream is really about money. Poop in a dream may signify wealth and good fortunes, financial gains or losses, or indicate a balance of life. All the above symbolisms may be related to what you are going through and warrant some exploration.

Wealth and Abundance

Dreaming of poop can symbolize financial prosperity, abundance, or material gain. It may show that the dreamer has a positive desire for financial security and success or a wish for wealth and affluence. Your hard work toward your desired life will pay off, and this dream will give you the courage that your manifestation of wealth and everything else will work out.

Transformation and Renewal

Dreams featuring poop can also signify a need for transformation or personal growth. In this context, money represents potential opportunities or resources for change. The dream may indicate a desire to let go of negative emotions, habits, or situations to embrace new beginnings. When we poop, we eliminate waste from our bodies, giving us a chance for renewal and growth. Therefore, you need to let go of negative behavior, beliefs, or financial tendencies to give yourself a chance for transformation and renewal.

Filth and Disgust

Alternatively, dreaming of poop, i.e. money, can reflect disgust, guilt, or shame. It may symbolize unresolved emotional or psychological issues, indicating a need to address and cleanse oneself from negative or toxic elements in life.

Psychological and Emotional Significance of Poop in a Dream

Dreams about poop hold psychological and emotional implications. According to psychologist Sigmund Freud, “Dreaming of poop can mirror the dreamer’s subconscious desires for wealth, fears of financial instability, or struggle with feelings of impurity or inadequacy. Unlike what people think is a recollection of what we saw and interacted with during the day, dreams can reflect our deepest desires, fears, and unresolved conflicts. They are like our subconscious canvas for processing emotions and experiences.”

Common Themes and Variations of Poop in a Dream

While the core theme of dreaming of poop (money) remains consistent, variations exist within these dreams. These dream variations hold interpretive nuances, highlighting the dreamer’s concerns, desires, or conflicts surrounding wealth, self-worth, and material possessions. Some of these themes include:

Dreaming of poop overflowing

In this variation, the dreamer may find money in unusual or unexpected locations, such as a wallet filled with cash in a garbage bin or stumbling upon a hidden stash of money in an unlikely spot. This theme often signifies the dreamer’s hopes for unexpected financial gains, fortuitous opportunities, or a belief in their ability to attract prosperity from unexpected sources.

Dreaming of cleaning poop

This variation signifies you are cleansing yourself, and you should change your unpleasant habits for a better life. It also may signify that although your life may have problems, they should not weigh you down as you are bound to find solutions.

Dreaming of handling or touching money covered in poop

Dreams involving the act of handling money that is soiled with feces can evoke strong feelings of disgust and discomfort. This variation often reflects the dreamer’s deep-seated fears or anxieties about financial matters. It may symbolize concerns regarding the ethical implications of wealth, a fear of becoming tainted by materialism, or a sense of guilt or shame associated with money and its influence.

Encountering piles of poop

In this scenario, the dreamer may come across large amounts of poop that resemble huge amounts of money. This variation highlights the dreamer’s conflicted feelings toward wealth and material possessions. It may suggest a fear of becoming consumed by greed, a reminder of the potential drawbacks and responsibilities that come with financial success, or a subconscious warning against prioritizing material wealth over other important aspects of life.

Swapping or replacing poop with money

Dreams involving replacing or transforming feces into money symbolize the dreamer’s desire for personal growth and positive change. This variation suggests a need to turn negative experiences, emotions, or situations into valuable resources or opportunities. It signifies the dreamer’s potential for self-transformation, resilience, and the ability to derive wisdom or lessons from challenging circumstances.

Each of these variations within the dream scenario of poop (money) carries unique interpretive nuances. The details, emotions, and personal associations surrounding these variations provide valuable clues to the dreamer’s concerns, desires, or conflicts regarding wealth, self-worth, and material possessions. Interpreting these dreams in context with the dreamer’s personal experiences and circumstances can facilitate a deeper understanding of their subconscious thoughts and emotions.

Personal Reflection and Self-Analysis

Dreams are related to your life experiences, and reflecting on them, including dreams of poop (money), provides an opportunity for self-analysis and personal growth. When we explore and interpret these dreams, we can embark on self-discovery, emotional healing, and personal growth, leading to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our aspirations.

However, you may need to see a professional when you start noticing a pattern in your dreams, such as disturbing and recurrent dreams or traumatic dreams that are starting to impact your days negatively. You may seek help from a psychologist, therapist, counselor, or psychiatrist.