Truth be told, the loc’ed ladies are often left out of the natural hair conversation. I have a couple of theories about why that might be. I think people assume locs are completely no-fuss, no-maintenance-necessary type of hairstyle. And there are a sect of people for whom that is the case: see Rastafarians or free-form loc-wearers. As someone who’s had locs for over a decade now, I’m a firm believer that there’s no one right way to wear them. They can look beautiful if you faithfully get a retwist every six to eight weeks or if you loc your hair and never touch it again.  

But whatever you choose, you’ll want to maintain the health of your hair. And while the lack of manipulation with locs will make your hair stronger, implementing some of these products will ensure that your scalp and your hair follicles are getting the care and attention they deserve to be at their best. 

Check out some of our favorite products below. 

The Whole Package

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I can personally swear by this hair care system. The shampoo leaves your hair feeling clean without making it extra dry. Then the conditioner comes in and replenishes your hair with the moisture it needs.  The line also comes with a sheen and daily conditioner. The entire line features noni berry, avocado, argan, marula and grapeseed oils. If you’re still on the fence, the system comes with a free consultation with the owner and creator of Majesty, a licensed cosmetologist. 

Spray The Dryness Away

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Moisture is essential to any natural hair journey. And that’s especially true for locs. The moisture has to penetrate the entire loc, so you’re going to want to make sure that you wash as often as needed and add a little moisture in between. We suggest mixing a bit of your favorite leave in conditioner with mostly water and using this mister function to give your hair the refresh it needs. Something about this continuous misting makes this extra fun to do. 

Keep Them Juicy

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A loctician recently recommended this product on Twitter, saying this is her go-to for clients with locs. This leave in conditioner is made with pure water and infused with herbs. The ingredients are light and clean and won’t leave your locs feeling weighed down with product residue. It’s great for nourishing your scalp and will provide shine as well. 

The Cure To A Dry Scalp

These days, most cosmetologists and natural hair care experts will tell you that our hair doesn’t need the oil we once thought it did. Oil can clog your pores, contributes to build up and can even attract more dirt. But if you suffer from dry scalp and your locs are color-treated and prone to dryness, then you might want a little bit more than water. I love this combination of growth oils from Alikay. This label says this oil should be used every other night to promote growth, reduce dandruff and scalp irritation.

An Ancient Ingredient

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Several Asian cultures have sworn about the benefits of rice water for hair growth for centuries. This is another product that promotes moisture. It features clean, natural ingredients that work well particularly with locs. It’s so lightweight, it can be used daily on both the scalp and hair. 

Retwist The Right Way

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If you’re not wearing free-form locs, then there’s a chance that you’ll want to retwist your hair from time to time. And while there are a lot of products that could give your hair the hold you’ll need to make your retwist last, you don’t want to add ingredients that are going to get stuck in your hair or be difficult to wash out. This loc gel is a time-tested and trusted go-to. It doesn’t contain alcohol or beeswax. For best results, you can sit under the dryer for maximum hold. 

To Heal Breakage

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Another oil. But this one is powerful. Every winter I suffer from severe breakage in a couple of spots at the back of my hair. Jamaican Castor Oil helps to regrow and strengthen the hair in those weak spots. I’ve since developed an allergy to castor oil but I often think about suffering through the itching because it works so well. 

Dry It Out

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As you might imagine or know personally, it can take locs a while to dry. The hair is gathered together and it can get thick in there. So it takes a while for the air to break through and dry it all up. If you start styling or sleep while your hair is still wet, your hair can take on a mildewy smell. Avoid all of that and seal in your re-twist with this hooded dryer bonnet. It’s long enough to hold the entire length of your locs easily while you sit and wait. 

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