Growing up, prom always seems like the greatest night of every high schooler’s life. From the idea of it being the night you’ll never forget, to shopping with your best friends for dresses, it is indeed the Met Gala of high school. Tiktok, for one, has taken note of this memorable night and it makes us want to go back to being 17 again!

The First Look At Your Prom Date

As adults, when we talk about “the first look” we are usually referring to when a couple sees each other for the first time before they get married. However, in this case, its looking at your prom date!


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Slaying As A Unit

It’s one thing to slay at prom by yourself, but when your prom date understands the assignment? Its a chef’s kiss! These couples came, saw and conquered at their prom.

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Balling On A Budget, Literally

This one queen not only shut down prom but she did it frugally! While her peers spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on their looks, she bought a dress online from Fashion Nova with a tulle add on she had a seamstress attach to the bottom.

@pynkk._ baddie on a budget , everything was last minute but we made it work🥰🥰save ya coins sis ! #fyp #prom #viral #prom2022 #prom2k22 #greenscreen #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Saucy Santana

What Do You Do When No One Else Shows Up To Prom? Steal The Show By Yourself

One prom goer unfortunately was the only one to show up to her school’s event. And they are lucky they did not show up, because she would’ve upstaged everyone. She showed out that night with her finger waves and sequin gown!


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Take a stroll down memory lane today on TikTok by searching “#Prom2022.” We promise you, you won’t regret it.