Every woman, at any point in her personal style journey, knows that accessories can truly make or break a great outfit. Now that we all have moved past grabbing cheap pieces to layer (the 00s were truly a time!), it’s imperative that we keep a few jewelry items on deck to elevate any outfit from just ok to “ok sis, SLAY!”. From watches to nameplates, here are some of the essential items that every millennial woman should have in her jewelry box. 

Gold chain(s). 

There is never a time when a genuine gold chain will not be in. Always a beautiful accent for brown skin and complimentary to just about any color outfit, a gold chain can truly bring a cute pop to a fashion moment. So many Black owned jewelry brands offer multiple options for all budgets in real gold. 

A statement watch. 

A watch is always a great opportunity to show that you are a woman who knows her pieces. There are so many options for great watches with statement faces and bands that can truly offset an outfit. Black-owned watch brands are not as plentiful but you can still find great options available. For Apple Watch wearers, consider jazzing up your band so that your watch better accessorizes an everyday outfit. 

Gold hoops. 

A pair of gold hoops can always take an outfit up a notch. They can jazz up a workout outfit for a quick smoothie date and can dress down a work fit for a quick happy hour look. A simple ponytail on a bad hair day automatically becomes a chic moment when gold hoops get invited to the party and a high bun goes easily from day to night with an oversized pair. Brands like the Hoop Mob make it possible to always have a few on deck. 

A pair of diamond studs. 

Real or fake, it truly doesn’t matter. The important part is that there will never be a time when a pair of diamond studs aren’t necessary. They are a great way to make an outfit more polished and to set the mood for an elevated look. 

A nameplate necklace. 

Yes, honey. We all grew up in the era of nameplate necklaces and door knockers with our nicknames in the middle and the time has come right on back around. A nameplate is a great addition to your everyday style moments and a cute blast from the past. Try getting one with a shorter chain so that it can be layered with other chains for a real around the way girl look. 

A set of midi rings. 

These are perfect for layering and bringing attention to those perfect fall manicures that we are all working so hard to achieve. They can also be a very sensual addition to a date night look and a great way to set off other jewelry pieces.