Kerby Jean-Raymond, the founder and head designer of Pyer Moss, helped to deliver a memorable event during his New York Fashion Week show on Saturday night. 

Raymond, who has frequently pushed the button to have fashion serve as a way to make a statement about socio-political and racial issues in America, featured a line-up on incredible black talent and unforgettable looks from his latest collection. 

In his 2015 collection, Pyer Moss tackled the important issue of police brutality in its show. In 2016, the line powerfully addressed mental health and depression.

This year, Raymond looked at today's political and cultural landscape under Trump, and delivered a presentation titled "American Also" that underscored the humanity and existence of black Americans.

“We as African American men don’t necessarily feel American,” Kerby recently told High Snobiety. “We’re born in this country, but we don’t feel like we belong here. There’s so much divisiveness in today’s political climate that it feels like we’re getting pushed out.”

To Raymond, fashion is more than pretty clothes and the Pyer Moss presentations help to force people to reexamine how black lives are treated in America.

The brand's latest collection debuted on Saturday night and was also live-streamed on its website as social media users everywhere praised Pyer Moss for its work:

This post was originally published on Blavity.