One of the biggest decisions of your life happens when you agree to marry someone. It starts the process of planning the perfect, dream wedding to jumpstart your lives together. The wedding venue is the starting point for all of the wedding planning.

Wedding venues are not created equal. It’s important to find a space that meets your budget, your style and your wants as a couple. The place is essential on your wedding day. Before you say ‘I do’ to any location, ask these questions to ensure it’s the ideal wedding space.

What Your Dates are Available?

After you and your partner figure out the day or season for your wedding, it’s important to find wedding venues that are available. If you dream of a winter wedding, and they only have dates in the summer months available, this is not the place for you. This is the most important thing to note because it can impact your marriage timeline. 

What is the Maximum Capacity?

Before you start looking at venues, you and your partner should start making a list of potential guests. One pro-tip is to make two lists: one list of all the people you’d invite if you could and the second list of a more trimmed down and narrow group of people. Once you find a venue that you love, you’ll want to inquire about the maximum number of guests it can hold.

What Can You Change About the Venue?

Another key question to ask before booking your wedding venue is the things that can be change about a space. You may want to flip the orientation of the stage, furniture and chairs or the placement of the lights. Some venues have a lot more stringent requirements about what they will and will not allow. It’s essential to ask what you can add to a space and what is not acceptable. 

What is Included in the Rental?

When you are venue shopping, be sure to ask what is included with the rental of the space. A lot of venues will include things like tables, chairs, linens and lights with your rental. It’s important to understand exactly what the rental includes to avoid overpaying for things.

Is There a Required List of Vendors?

Always ask your potential venue if they have a list of required or preferred vendors. Many rental venues will have this. This list might include DJs, makeup artists, hair stylists, photographers and florists. Some venues may only prefer that you pick from their list of vendors. Other venues will require it. Before you start doing research for the best wedding bands or makeup artists, be sure to check in with your venue.