Raven Symoné gained notoriety as Olivia Kendall on “The Cosby Show” at age 3, before playing Raven Baxter on Disney‘s “That’s So Raven.” She then went on to secure the trilogy movie series for her girl group, “The Cheetah Girls.”

Since then, she’s also hosted “The View” while keeping much of her life private. Those who have dated the star are all too familiar with signing NDAs in order to do so; it’s apart of how she protects herself. So when the child-actress met Miranda Maday at a gay bar in West Hollywood, she expected Miranda to follow suit. Raven Symoné’s wife eventually signed although thrown off at first by this particular formality. Now the couple not only boast a best friend and lover type of relationship, but a joint business venture with more to come.

Here’s what we know about Raven Symoné’s wife and the pop culture icon.

Who Is Raven Symoné’s Wife?

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Raven Symoné’s wife Miranda Pearman-Maday held executive assistant positions before becoming a social media manager in 2017. Described by Raven as a “boss b*tch,” Miranda is also a doula. and the co-host of their shared podcast, It’s Tea Time, formerly known as The Best Podcast Ever. In addition to hosting, and being of service to others, Miranda has also appeared on Kevin Hart’s “Celebrity Game Face.”

Together, the couple have attended several events ranging from the Daytime Emmys to John’s AIDS Foundation Party. Shared beliefs and priorities of serving the community and prioritizing health are just a few demonstrations of the couple’s synchronicity. Miranda even said that she knew as soon as she met Raven that they would become wives and now their marriage is sparking a bit of outrage from fans of the actress-singer-host.

Why Is Miranda Pearman-Maday Trending?

In some relationships, knowing enough about a partner’s career and passions can make or break a couple. And with the internet being a source of information, and a time capsule, learning about a partner is easier than ever. In an interview with podcaster Fannita, of Bottoms Up with Fannita, the host broke out in song showing appreciation for the “Cheetah Girl” chapter of Raven’s career. Also in attendance was Raven’s wife, Miranda Pearman-Maday who, spoke to how much Raven must like Fannita to join her in song. Miranda also went on to admit that she did not know the song, aligning with her previous statement of only becoming familiar with Raven’s work after the couple met. Since the interview, the couple has been trending due to a video that they posted, asking that fans of Raven stop sending her wife death threats.

The couple met in 2015 and wed in 2020, giving what Miranda described as time to become familiar with the actress-host-personality’s catalog. Now, she shared that she has not only seen episodes of Raven’s shows, but been present for tapings and recordings. Fans of Raven, like @blackbeltbabe, doubt her unfamiliarity describing it as a way for her to seem different from the crowd. This time around, the crowd was her own wife, Raven Symoné, beloved talent, and Fannita, a well-followed podcast host who is also a fan of her wife. Next time around, the TikToker suggested that Raven leave Miranda at home with a babysitter. 

Where Are They Now?

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Despite backlash and death threats from fans, the couple appears to be in good spirits. Raven Symoné says that seeing her wife, Miranda, work makes her fall more in love every time. She’s also spoken to how well Miranda knows and accepts her for who she truly is. Together, they’ve kept their relationship pretty private up until their surprise, backyard wedding ceremony in 2020. Since then, they’ve blended lives, shared aspirations and launched projects together. The couple says that they’re “besties” first before being lovers second and business partners last.

Through their podcast, they engage in random, “nothing is off-limits” conversations with guests sparked by spinning a wheel with random words on it. Both have set lofty goals that they plan to support one another through as it’s one of the joys of their relationship. We wish them continued success in their marriage and joint business ventures!