The art of the wig has come a very long way. It evolved from having an ounce of a part in the 80s to the introduction of the HD lace in the late 2010s. There has been no shortage of innovation in the creation of wigs. Lately, many wig makers are venturing into the glueless wig sector and consumers are loving it.

Glueless wigs have soared in popularity for their ease of wear and natural appearance. However, achieving the most realistic look possible requires a touch of finesse and attention to detail. There are a few ways to elevate your glueless wig game and make it seamlessly blend with your natural beauty.

Tint the Lace to Match Your Skin Tone

Photo Courtesy of The MORE

One of the telltale signs of a wig is a noticeable contrast between the lace and your skin. To combat this, tint the lace to match your complexion. Tinting the wig’s lace ensures that it will blend with the natural color of your scalp. The MORE’s wig mouse is the perfect choice in getting that lace the color you need it to be because of its seamless application. Simply, apply the tint evenly across the lace. This ensures a seamless blend with your skin tone for a more natural look.

Customize the Hairline and Knots

A perfectly tailored hairline is crucial for a believable look. Take the time to carefully cut the lace, according to your natural hairline. It ensures a seamless blend with your own. Avoid harsh edges or unnatural shapes, opting instead for a soft, gradual transition that mimics the nuances of your own hairline.

The knots that keep each strand of hair connected to the wig can sometimes give your wig secrets away. If your wig is a darker color, the knots almost look like little bulbs coming out of the wig. To combat that, the Perfect Line Lace Wig Grids and Knots Concealer helps to mask the knots in the wig to help it look more like strands of hair seamlessly coming out of your scalp, rather than bulbs.

Secure with Wig Cap and Elastic Band

Photo Courtesy of Milano

Customizing the wig is just one-half of the battle. Once you’re ready to install the wig, you must have the proper items to keep the wig securely on your head. A lace wig grip cap is perfect for keeping your wig in place and also matching your skin tone so that the lace doesn’t look like a different color than your scalp.

Photo Courtesy of LaughYee

Stability is key when it comes your wig. If your wig doesn’t come with an elastic band, attaching one can make a huge difference. The snug fit provided by the elastic band ensuring the wig stays firmly in place, minimizing shifting and maintaining the integrity of the lace for a more authentic appearance.

Melt the Lace and Perfect Your Edges

Photo Courtesy of GOIPLE

Once you have the wig secured on your head, it’s time for the final melt. Using a sticky mousse like the GOIPLE melting mousse helps the lace stay on your head without that glue feeling. Whether you prefer baby hairs or a more natural edge, laying your wig’s edges is essential for a flawless finish as well. Once you apple your sticky mousse, use a soft brush to smooth down your edges as well. For an extra seamless look, tie the edges down with a band for a few minutes to set them in place. This simple step helps to create a seamless blend between your natural hairline and the wig, enhancing its overall authenticity.

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