Fans just can’t get enough of gymnast Trinity Thomas. There are many reasons the star athlete is capturing hearts and minds everywhere. One reason to admire the star athlete came in a record-breaking moment, Saturday. Thomas tied the NCAA all-time record by finishing her collegiate career with 28 perfect scores of 10, in a single season.

Thomas hails from York, Pennsylvania and has been a gymnast since the tender age of three. Now she’s solidified her place in collegiate sports. Here are some of the reasons why 21Ninety loves this talented athlete.

Top-Notch Versatility

Thomas is known for being a versatile gymnast who can excel on all four events – vault, bars, beam, and floor. This is a rare quality in gymnastics, as most athletes specialize in one or two events. Over the course of her illustrious college career, she has earned perfect 10 scores on all four events, showing that she truly is amazingly talented when it comes to her sportsmanship.


Besides her technical prowess, Trinity Thomas is a creative and expressive performer who incorporates elements of contemporary dance into her routines. Her style and technique set her apart from other gymnasts who stick to traditional choreography. Her floor routines, in particular, are fascinating to watch as she combines powerful tumbling passes with graceful dance movements.


Thomas’s bubbly and infectious personality exudes Black joy and is refreshing to watch in and out of competition. She often cheers on her teammates from the sidelines and has a close relationship with her coaches. Trinity also takes out time to interact with her fans both on and off social media, which points to her free-spirit and easygoing nature.

Sharp Work Ethic

Trinity Thomas is clearly a hard worker who takes her training seriously. In several interviews, she has acknowledges how important it is to stay motivated, even in the face of adversity. Her attention to detail regarding her talent is evident in her consistent success and her ability to keep honing her craft.


In spite of her success and extreme talent, Thomas has faced her fair share of setbacks and injuries. However, she has always bounced back stronger and more determined than ever. In her sophomore year, Thomas suffered a severe ankle injury that affected her ability to compete. After taking off some time to focus on her mental and emotional healing, she returned to the sport.