How do you unwind when you get home after a long day? Do you unwind? I didn’t always have a specific routine, and even still my routine varies depending on the day, but I’d be lying if I said it made no difference. You work eight (or more) hours a day and sometimes need to hit the reset button to go from work-mode to home-mode and every mode in between. We tend to carry stress in our bodies, which is why it's so important for me to get the stress and worries of the day “off of me” as soon as possible.

Photo: Courtesy of author

Wash the day off with a hot shower. 

When I shower within an hour of getting home from work, I find that I’m more inclined to enjoy the rest of my evening. Hot showers are therapeutic and it’s no wonder why. As I mentioned before, we carry stress in our bodies—mostly our necks, shoulders and feet. The heat and steam relax your muscles, ultimately relieving tension. Hop in and feel your body loosen up almost instantly! 

Set the right vibe. 

I’m kind of a cornball for this, but I love to set a mood. My spirit is instantly lifted when I play some good music, listen to an interesting podcast, burn some incense or light some candles. When I walk into my home, I like to feel like I’m walking into a sanctuary. It’s my safe place, so it needs to feel, smell and look like one. Leave the burdens of the day at the door and enter sensory paradise.

Fuel your body with a nutrient-dense meal. 

Say it with me, “healthy eating isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle.” I have to remind myself of this ALL OF THE TIME, because trust me, I love bread, rice and pasta just as much as the next girl. I’ll be honest, I still eat these foods, but they don’t have a very high nutritional value and I know that I feel amazing when I fuel my temple with a meal that’s both hearty and healthy. Unwinding after a long day’s work is just as much about refueling as it is about relaxing.