Maybach Music label owner and Hip Hop legend, Rick Ross’ name is in headlines after being spotted at a Heats vs. Pistons game with a new woman days after a breakup. His girlfriend, whom he dated from September of 2023 to March 2024, is personal trainer Christina Mackey who is an influencer and business owner of

Mackey refers to their time together with gratitude, describing it as a beautiful experience that she was happy to have shared with Ross. Despite their breakup, and Ross’ recent actions, the entrepreneur said that she doesn’t feel played. Who is Christina Mackey and what is there to know about Rick Ross’ girlfriend?

Who Is Rick Ross Girlfriend?

Christina Mackey is a businesswoman who launched the Mackey Body app to expand her fitness enterprise. She began her fitness journey a decade ago and, over time, has developed a passion for it. Led to pursue higher education, Mackey obtained her Bachelors in Kinesiology, enhancing the training and advice offered by the entrepreneur.

Mackey credits her fitness plans with changing the lives of over 800 women by offering 35 workout programs to an online community of over 10,000 followers. She focuses on motivating women specifically by creating a supportive community where they can change their bodies while thriving. She also offers workout accessories. 

Through Mackey’s plan, you can still enjoy what life has to offer while sculpting a more toned body. Mackey used her expertise to motivate former boyfriend, Rick Ross, towards continuing to build a healthy lifestyle. 

A Timeline Of Their Relationship

She hard-launched the status of their relationship with an Instagram post of them hugged up in front of his private jet. A month later, she recorded a video of herself cooking tacos for Rozay, making his plate and taking it to him to capture his response. Fans felt his reaction lacked excitement which led them to believe that the tacos were lacking too. Ross’ baby mother, Tia Kemp, whom Ross dated for two years and shares children with, took to her Instagram live to roast Mackey about her cooking skills.

Mackey responded although not directly, encouraging onlookers of her social media and relationship with Ross to mind their own business. Kemp continued to post responses criticizing Mackey until she was served with a cease and desist letter from Ross. Kemp’s behaviors continued. While we’re unsure whether this influenced the end of their relationship, Mackey’s actions had fans wondering when she livestreamed from the gym and turned the video off after hearing a Rick Ross song. 

Where Are Rozay and Mackey Now?

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A month before they called it quits, Ross gifted the fitness guru with a new set of teeth which Mackey flexed in social media posts. Some fans say that flexing and constantly responding to commenters on social media is what led to the couple’s breakup: she was too active and cared too much about external voices. Still, Mackey boasts a flourishing wellness business according to comments she made on her socials. During their time together, Ross supported her business in the face of fans saying that he was trying to keep their relationship a secret. He had her Instagram page broadcasted on a megascreen during their trip to Dubai. 

When fans accused Rick Ross of keeping the relationship secret, he had her instagram page broadcasted on a megascreen during their trip to Dubai. Now that the two have separated, it seems they’re taking a break from talking about and engaging with one another. We continue to wish Rozay and Mackey happiness and success in their professional and personal lives.