Renowned writer, publisher and culture critic Roxane Gay is coming out with a new collection of essays this October. The book is billed as a breathtaking collection of Gay’s essays which is focused on everything from culture to politics.

Gay has distinguished herself for her incisive, blistering writing, her sharp sense of awareness regarding topical conversations have helped shape and steer cultural conversations. She has published works on intersectional feminism (Bad Feminist, 2014) and on body politics drawn from her traumatic past experiences (Hunger, 2017.) 

She  is also well known for her nuanced and sometimes downright hilarious opinions on Twitter. “Opinions” is set to be published by Haper Collins.

A Necessary Voice

Gay has been a strong champion for diversity in publishing and the literary community. She currently owns a publishing house, Roxane Gay Books, an imprint of Grove Atlantic. She also runs a newsletter with Susbtack that publishes works from underrepresented writers who haven’t had much publishing experience. 

Her work in the industry has long made her a well regarded cultural subject. Her forthcoming work, is her first since her short story collection “Ayiti,” which she published in 2018.

“Roxane Gay has continued to tackle big issues embroiling society — state-sponsored violence and mass shootings, women’s rights post-Dobbs, online disinformation, and the limits of empathy — alongside more individually personal matters: can I tell my co-worker her perfume makes me sneeze? Is it acceptable to schedule a daily 8am meeting? In her role as a New York Times opinion section contributor and the publication’s ‘Work Friend’ columnist, she reaches millions of readers with her wise voice and sharp insights,” the official blurb for “Opinions” reads.

The blurb goes on to describe the book as “bold, funny, sharp, humane.” “Opinions” also promises to cover a wide range of topics -including politics, feminism, the culture wars, and civil rights,