The friendship group chat is a sacred space. It’s where Black women spill the tea, share their wildest thoughts and discuss important topics. There are unspoken rules that govern this sacred space, and it’s important to know them and follow them.

Here are some secret group chat rules that everyone should know.

Rule #1: Delete, Delete, Delete

Sometimes things are said in the group chat that you wouldn’t want anyone to stumble upon accidentally. Whether it’s a heated rant or an embarrassing confession, the golden rule is to hit that delete button before it’s too late.

Rule #2: Nicknames Only!

In the chat, everyone gets a nickname. It is preferably something that captures the person’s essence or relates to an inside joke only the girls understand. It adds an air of mystery and prevents awkward encounters if anyone accidentally says something in public.

Rule #3: Customize the Group Chat Vibes

The group chat is like a chameleon, and it changes colors depending on the mood. Update the name and picture to match the vibe of the moment. If the group is feeling chaotic, opt for an equally chaotic meme and name. The group chat aesthetic should never be a lost art.

Rule #4: No Screenshotting Without Consent

The conversations are gold, but consent is key. Nobody wants their epic makeup fail or late-night snack confessions plastered all over social media without a heads-up.

Rule #5: The Emergency Distraction

Sometimes life gets too real, and you need a quick escape. If you send the “Emergency Distraction” message, it’s an unwritten law that the chat must be flooded with with memes, funny anecdotes or anything that will distract you from reality. The group chat is a space to uplift each other, so it is the perfect place to make your friends laugh.