Finally, there's a platform for women and girls to team up and share their personal stories thanks to Dove and Shonda Rhimes. Real Beauty Productions, a production company, will help expand the definition of beauty with Shonda Rhimes — the queen of TV — leading the charge as the creative director.

You can head over to today and start sharing your stories. Throughout the year, select stories will be chosen to be made into films — and the women behind them will be on-set with Shonda and an all-women production crew to bring those perspectives to life.

This inspiring project is the result of Dove working to showcase and share the real beauty that isn't always embraced by the entertainment industry in ads, movies and TV. They found that an overwhelming 69 percent of women don't see themselves reflected in these areas, but work like this will help combat those feelings.

Shonda Rhimes has been an advocate for that kind of diversity and representation through her many successful shows, so it's only fitting for her to help bring these stories to life.

With an all-women crew helping to tell real stories, the result is sure to be more accurate representation of the powerful, inspiring, beautiful women that we all know and love in our everyday lives.

According to Dove, 74 percent of women believe more should be done to redefine the current definition of beauty to be more inclusive. These same women now have a chance to push that change themselves.