Serena Williams is taking her gifted talents off the court with her latest beauty brand business venture.

The decorated tennis champion announced her clean makeup brand, WYN Beauty, on Thursday, April 4. Currently available at Ulta Beauty, the beauty line features a range of bold-colored matte lipsticks, mascara, liquid eyeliners and other face products. The main attraction is the foundation, which comes in 91 color shades.

Williams always held a close relationship with beauty. It is a sentiment that reigns true both in all aspects of her life, especially on the tennis court. During the start of her promising career, Williams, along with her sister Venus Williams, displayed a sense of style that did not follow traditional tennis fashion. The sisters embraced vibrant colors and patterned sets. They also rocked beaded braids early on, which has since been regarded as one of their most iconic hairstyles.

For Williams, her beauty brand is a gift to her fellow athletes and Black women. It is also another venture on her journey of redefining and revolutionizing the beauty and fashion industry. 

Serena Williams clean beauty brand
Photo credit: COREY SIPKIN

In a recent interview with Byrdie magazine, Williams shared that WYN Beauty stemmed from tennis. She said learning how to quickly do her makeup before engaging with the press after her matches were moments that set the foundation for the beauty brand. Williams often mixed her foundation with sunscreen to find the perfect shade for her skin tone.

Experiencing those moments throughout her nearly three-decade career propelled the entrepreneur to find a solution for herself and other women of color. Williams was also adamant about offering vegan, cruelty-free and dermatologically tested products. For her fellow athletes, she also intentionally created a smudge, sweat and feather-resistant formula for her beauty brand.

“I wanted to focus on long-wearing, ‘clean’ formulas because that’s how I live my life,” Williams told Byrdie. “I have a farm and try to eat clean, so I also apply that approach to what I put on my face.”

WYN Beauty products are now available for purchase through Ulta Beauty.